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The earth and our bodies are made up of mostly water. We use water on a daily; bathe, drink, cook, water our lawns and plants, and play in. With a growing population, our water supply is becoming low, making us to have to cut back on watering our lawns and water use. Then, there are factories dumping harmful wastes into our drinking water, making it harmful for people to use water. All the chemicals that are dumped into our water can cause cancer and other health issues. In other countries, contaminated water is being used to water crops that we purchase here in the U. S. Aging chances for the spread of diseases much greater. Air: There are many things that we use that pollute our air; vehicles, lawnmowers, sprays, cigarettes, and factories. The use of a vehicle, or any motorized Object that uses gas, pollutes our air. These pollutants go into the air that we breathe; causing asthma, bronco it is, smog, and other respiratory conditions. We can help by reducing the amount of pollutants we use, use electric cars and other motorized machines, carpool, and recycle. Recycling helps to keep from reducing the tree population. We need trees and plants to elope all life to live. People also need to be aware of where and when they are smoking. It has been proven that second hand is just as bad as smoking the cigarette yourself, if not worse. Second hand smoke can cause respiratory problems and cancer. Some of the changes I have made to help make a healthy environment is to recycle, reuse, and reduce; buy from local farmers; carpooling; and being more aware of chemicals I use. We, the people, need to be more aware of our bad habits that can cause our future to have limited and contaminated water supply, dangerous air, and limited food supply.

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