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Religion in many ways is viewed as a way to comfort death and make it look like a somewhat positive thing due to the fact that for most religions, good things happen after death. This offers people hope and makes them feel at ease with what will happen after they die. For other religions you are simply re born as a different being, depending on what you have done in your life.Christian viewsChristians believe that there is a life after you die, even though your body is buried or cremated; they believe that your soul lives on forever. Christians support this argument using one of Jesus is examples when he was resurrected 3 days after he had died. Furthermore the use other sources for example “He who believes in me will live even though he dies” –John 11:25-26 this source suggests that there is an actual life even after death and just like the previous one it offers comfort for those who are going to die due to the fact that it makes them feel at ease knowing that there is something to go to even though they are leaving from this world. Christians also believe in heaven which is often mentioned in the bible and is thought as a place in which good people go to after they have died. They also believe in hell, which is thought as a place of suffering that is completely separated from god, and finally some believe in purgatory which is a waiting room for heaven in which you are spiritually cleansed (this is mainly roman Catholics and Christian orthodox, which in most cases will offer comfort for those who are ding through the fact that Christian know there is life after death.Overall in Christianity, there are many things that suggest that you will “have eternal life” (john 3:16) in either a good bad or neutral way depending on how you have lived in your previous life, so if you have had generally a kind, caring life then you will have comfort in believing that you will be going to a place that will offer you something after death due to the fact that Jesus will judge you and through this you will go to Heaven or Hell.Islamic viewsIslam believes that Allah is in charge for everything that happens, except Allah has given humans free will to choose how they act in this life, so he can judge them for their actions in the next eternal life (known as Akhirah). In Islam there is the Day of Judgement (Yawm ad-Din) this is the day in which Allah destroys the entire world and raises the dead for judgement. This will offer some comfort for those who are dying due to the fact that they are given something to expect of wait for. It also means that it will offer Muslims something after life. On the day of Judgement Allah will judge by looking at the good and bad things a person has done, and if that person has done more good than bad he will go to paradise (Jannah) “of the good that they do, nothing will be rejected from them Surah 3:115, and if the person has done more bad deeds then they will go to hell (Jahannam) “they will be companions of the fire” Surah 3:116.Overall Muslims will have some comfort after they die knowing that paradise will come and that everyone will be with them, but this is all dependant on their actions in the normal life, which encourages Muslims to be good people, therefore making the afterlife something that a Muslim would want, enforcing its reality for the person through the want.HinduismHinduism believes that once a person is physical body is not there, the spirit is and is reborn multiple times, the spirit is known as the ataman “the embodied soul casts off the worn bodies and enters other new” (Bhagavad Gita 2:22), Hinduism teaches you not to fear death which will offer you comfort if you are near death due to the fact it offers you some understanding about life around death. Death to Hindu followers is basically when the spirit is escaping the body to be reborn. Once the spirit is reborn multiple times until it reaches the limit in which it can rest, this is known as Moksha.Overall we understand Hinduism does comfort death due to the fact that it offers you something after death that you can control through your actions (for example if you commit suicide you will suffer more in the next life). Therefore this religion offers you hope if you commit positive deeds in your life which means you will have a positive next life. Only if you chose to cheat life and remove suffering then you will have worse Karma in your next life.Ways in which Religion creates comfort about death.Religions comfort death through the knowing that there will be something after death which will offer you something to look for through life due to the fact life ultimately ends with death, therefore some religions extends this to a life in paradise after death. Religion also gives people more understanding about death. In the case of Islam we are told that there will be a day in which all of those who have died will be resurrected and this means that religion offer you something after you have died. Religion also offers you the knowing that after death (in the case of Christianity) if you believe in Jesus then all your sins will be forgiven, this means that if you have committed allot of sin in your life then it will all be forgiven and this may but your mind to further rest.In the case of Hinduism it would comfort a person knowing that even though they are dying and have not broken any rules in their life then they shall be reborn with good karma, and therefore you are offered more of a choice and you won’t be leaving this earth (which in some ways can be seen as a good thing). Christianity also provides comfort to those around us (this is similar with Islam) due to the fact that you know that (in the case of Christianity) you will be in a happier place with your family one day, and you know that they are going to a better place, closer to god. You can also take comfort (in the case of Islam) by knowing that Allah has chosen for this to happen (and you know that what Allah does is for mankind’s benefit), you also know that Allah will one day destroy the world and resurrect the dead, therefore this offers you comfort in knowing that you will one day be reunited with your loved one…Ways in which religion does not comfort deathReligion in some cases does not comfort death due to the fact that some people have not been pure in their lifetime and therefore when they are going to die they will feel fear (in the case of an immoral Christian). Therefore religion in nearly all cases will cause fear if you are going to die due to the fact there is a hell or a consequence in all religions for sinning, in which your next life (Hinduism), or your soul will suffer.In my opinion I think that overall religion does cause some comfort when a person is about to die due to the fact that it helps sooth all the emotions the person may be experiencing by offering a solution (for example, fear in the case f never seeing you wife, this can be soothed by knowing that you will see her in heaven where you will have eternal life and a younger body). Therefore nearly all emotions that are negative have an explanation and therefore you are generally comforted when you are dying.Ways of caring for the elderly (b)There are many ways in which the elderly are taken care of and all of them generally vary on the consequences that will be experienced through them that decide whether or not the method of caring is good or bad, but overall nearly all ways of caring for the elderly are positive due to the fact that they feel the reasons requirementsMethods of careOne of the ways in which you can car for the elderly if by using the service Meals on Wheels which will make their life easier due to the fact that they do not have to spend time cooking which in some cases for an extremely old couple they may think this is a burden due to their age and speed, Meals on Wheels is cheap and it ensures that nothing can go wrong if an old person cooks (for example, leaving the oven on, this can cause harm to the surrounding people or the elderly person(s) involved).Another way of caring for the elderly is by hiring a social worker, this will ensure that the person does not cause harm to themselves through accidents (falling down the stairs), it will also ensure that every day problems such as running small errands is completed and therefore the incapable person can rest and not have to struggle with everyday problems. A social worker will also ensure that everything in most cases is done correctly (for example, the distribution of medication); otherwise big physical or mental problems may occur with the elderly person causing them harm.A common way of caring for the elderly person is through family members who will offer not only all required services and errands but the family member will give joy to the elderly person due to the fact that sometimes if the person’s partner is dead then they get lonely and company would help the person. One of the issues with family care is that the family is sometimes not around or they want to spend time to themselves, therefore having to take care of an elderly person may cause some issues. In the case of a Muslim family this is not much of a problem due it the fact that most Islamic families live in large groups for example (cousins and uncles and aunts) which means that in nearly all cases the elderly person will be give care from one of the family members. (In Islam it is believe that an elderly family member should be taken care of by the family due to the sacrifices they have made and due to the fact that sending a family member to a home if often unkind and should not be considered by the family, Muslims also believe that caring for the elderly prompts spiritual growth.Another way in which elderly people are taken care of is through Warden controlled units which are houses which have been built for elderly people that offer them help on site, this means that the old person will be living in a place which is their own excerpt there are old people around them at all times which offers them company. The staff of the units also ensures (similarly to social services) that the old person does not cause damage to themselves and that the person in the unit is doing what they are meant to do. Some of the negative aspects of warden controlled units is that you don’t get to live your life on your own; you are constantly being looked after.Social service residential homes are often a choice made by old people who still want to be independent (they may have some disabilities), these homes are created by the government and are therefore similar to warden controlled units, the only difference is that there is no staff on site, therefore this offers a sense of independence to the elderly person(s) involved. These homes are often used by the elderly due to the fact that they are quiet cheap and convenient. Some of the benefits of these homes is that you are always around elderly people and that you get to live your life by yourself. Some of the negative aspects are that you sometimes require others help and you cannot get it, you may also cause harm to yourself if you accidently make a mistake.Nursing homes (either private or public) generally do the same thing. They provide all the needed service an elderly person may require for example, laundry, housekeeping and medical service. They also offer a range of different social and recreational activities. Most of the time a nursing home for an elderly person is quiet uncomfortable due to the fact that they do not get to have their own lives, they are constantly being scheduled by nurses etc. some of the positive aspects of a nursing home is that they are a good place to socialise with other elderly people, and similarly to other homes, they make the rest of the family’s life easier. Nursing homes will also ensure that everything the old person requires is fulfilled.The government provides a range of different way of caring for the elderly is a pension which gives a retired person (65 for men and women) a weekly amount of money of around £95.25 (and some extra money in winter for heating). Elderly people also get free transport. They also have special systems installed for these people in transportation systems which make their live somewhat easier. For example larger doors which can fit a wheelchair through. Elderly people are also given TV licences, therefore they can watch a range of channels for free (this may keep them occupied).The NHS provides some help for the elderly by making the decision about who goes to a hospices, this is a place in which terminally ill people go to die. Some elderly people may be suffering from an illness and therefore need to go to a hospice. They provide all care needed for the elderly person for example pain and symptom control which means the patient is given medicinal care to try keep their suffering to the minimum. They are also given physiological support which means that you try to cope with the problems and the fears you have encountered. The also offer Social support which offers the patient a variety of people who are undergoing similar circumstances to converse and enjoy themselves. When it is needed we offer Rehabilitation which includes complimentary therapies which try to calm the patient and offer them more happiness and pleasure, Spiritual care which is when the patient is brought to terms with what is happening and is guided through it all without worries. Therefore hospices are fully equipped in the taking care of the elderly…A final way of care is organising certain events that an elderly person can go to for example bingo or golf. This will offer them some relaxation and it is a good way of allowing them to socialise with some other old people.Should old people be cared for by their families? (c)Family care is often a strange issue with modern families due to the fact, the simplicity of the family has changed over time. A few decades ago, it would be considered normal for families to take care of their aging members due to the fact family relationships were allot closer and people would actually communicate. In a modern family where everyone has different hobbies and is generally more kept to themselves, it is somewhat harder to make strong family relationships and therefore caring for elderly parents is not that common. On the other hand though, due to increasing prices and problems, the easier thing to do would be to care for your elderly parents, which would save you money and it would not be a problem due to the fact some poorer families are more connected due to not being able to afford all the small extra things that take time away from family.Why old people should be cared for by their familiesIn some families the easiest thing would be to support the elderly members due to the fact that elderly people can provide allot of help to a family and in most cases in which people would not mind is due to the fact that they are not too much trouble to care for. Ways in which elderly parents can be helpful is by doing things that some other family members cannot do giving knowing about the family history which will offer the rest of the family more insight into their lives. Other things elderly people can do is to offer moral guidance and advice to their grandchildren (or children) about what they should do in life, due to the fact they have better experience unlike the rest of the family members who have not yet experienced all life has to offer. Sometimes elderly members can help the family financially (through a pension, or by working) or ensure that everything is financially stable (sometimes old people can possess allot of money).Old people should stay with the family also because the family should repay the member for what they have done in their lifetime (for example, raise their children), therefore it would only be fair for the elderly parents to stay with the family. Elderly people should also stay with the family due to the fact a family always understands how other members work and they also understand everything they enjoy, if the elderly person was to be sent to a home then this would displease them because they are not getting what they want and how they like it and obviously you can provide better care (in most cases). Caring for the elderly can be encouraged because most elderly people do not take allot of time to care for, it is only ill or disabled people that require allot of help therefore if they do live with the family they will be more of an advantage than a disadvantage and therefore should be cared for by their family. Having elderly people in a family means that you are not only doing a good helpful thing but you are pleasing people who know they don’t have much time left, not only by ensuring they are not lonely but by ensuring that they are comfortable.Christian arguments for caring for the elderly members of your familyUnlike in today’s modern society, the elderly are seen as a burden, form a Christian point of view they are seen as a blessing, that should be taken care of due to the fact they have made allot of sacrifices to keep the family they continued together and therefore we should take care of what they have created and as a way of thanking them for the sacrifices made. The bible says “The church should care for any widow who has no one else to care for her.But if she has children or grandchildren, their first responsibility is to show godliness at home and repay their parents by taking care of them. This is something that pleases God very much….But those who won’t care for their own relatives, especially those living in the same household, have denied what we believe. Such people are worse than unbelievers” this means that you should look after you elderly parent and if you do this, God will be very pleased and that it is a good action taking care of parents who have nothing left. Christianity also expects that you respect the wisdom of the elderly and that you should support the elderly due to the fact they are vulnerable and the bible encourages people to take care of those who are vulnerable. Therefore from a Christian point of view it would be a good thing to take care of all elderly people.Islamic arguments for caring for the elderly members of your familyMuslims are generally taught to honour their elderly members of their family due to the fact they have made allot of sacrifices for their own benefit and should be repaid for these actions. In Islam it is believed that caring for the elderly provides spiritual growth and therefore Allah will care for you. This is also obvious in the Quran “Show gratitude to Me and to thy parents; to Me is thy final Goal.” (31:14) this quote shows that first comes God and then your parents; therefore you are implied by the Quran to look after your elders. Also in Islamic culture, due to the size of families, it is not a hard thing to look after elder parents and this should be taken into account.Islam also has allot of respect for their elderly and this should be reflected upon your parents who ultimately will get more respect due the culture and the Quran. Which says “Your mother, next your mother, next your mother, and then your father.” In the answer to the question, who should I treat with more kindness? Overall it appears obvious that Islam has very strong views on their parents about treating them with respect and making sure they are with them due to the fact they are a blessing (similarly to Christianity).Why should you not take care of the elderly members of your familySome reasons why you should not care for the elderly members of your family is that they are sometimes fine on their own and in some cases happier, therefore why should you try ruin their lives by taking them out of their comfort zone, just so you can take care of them. The elderly are also quiet hard to take care of due to the fact they are very picky and specific about what they want. Therefore the easier solution would be to send them to a nursing home in which they can be looked after properly (if the money is available to you). Elderly people may also cause some problems if not enough attention is being paid to them when they are living with you, therefore a better place to send them to would either be to a nursing home where they can send time with people their own age or a warrant controlled unit, which will offer similar experiences.Sometime if you are living on your own it would be very hard to take care of your elderly parents (for example your mother) therefore it would just be easier and more logical for the parents to live by themselves. One of the problems with caring for the elderly is that sometimes they do not contribute to the household and just walk around and cause problems that take more of your time, therefore the easiest solution would be to send them to a nursing home in which their accidents are being properly taken care of. If you have a young family then one of the problems would be how slow old people are, this can cause issues when walking or when going on holiday. Other issues with old people are the fact they are very grumpy and like children have different mood swings therefore you would also have to deal with some of their emotional problems.In a modern family an old person would not understand how everything works and this may cause problems when they are getting used to all the new technology, therefore overall old people cause allot more problems if they are not as dependant. Although in some cases for example if the elderly person is terminally ill, the best solution would be to send that person to a hospice in which they can be looked after properly and this would therefore mean that no sudden problems are created. Generally old people are a big problem due to their requirements and the fact that they may be very costly to look after (if they have special requirements). Old people should not be looked after by family members mainly because the family is creating their own new life and that person may intervene and create waves of problems.ConclusionIn my opinion old people should be looked after by the family even though they do cause some problems which can be sorted out easily, this is because they do not have much time left and the better thing to do would be to share the important years of your life with them, it will also mean you are doing something good and that you are growing spiritually or you are following what God intended you to, overall, there are not that many reasons why you should not look after you elderly parents unless they are terminally ill, in which case the better thing to do would be to send them to a hospice. (In my opinion I believe a nursing home is not a great place due to the fact they try to cut corners and most of the time half jobs are done which would cause harm to the family member)…

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