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Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of the United States. A rough-hewn military hero. he was regarded by many as the spokesman of the common adult male. He entered the White House in 1829 after winning the 2nd of two smartly fought election runs. Through his forceful personality. he restructured the office of the president and helped determine the democratic party. Less educated and less schooled in authorities than many of his political oppositions. Jackson had leaped to national celebrity in the War of 1812 as the hero of the Battle of New Orleans and had captured the dedicated trueness of a huge section of the American population. He was widely acclaimed as the symbol of what the new American idea himself to be a self-made adult male endowed with virtuousness and strength. The consequences of the election of 1824 proved that Jackson was so the title-holder of a popular bulk. Jackson’s disposals were highlighted by the defeat of sectional efforts to weaken the cardinal authorities by province nullification of federal jurisprudence. and by his confrontation with the Bank of the U. S. Jackson besides positively affected the development of the U. S. presidential term.

He concentrated power in the office through broad usage of the veto and through his insisting that the main executive entirely represented the will of the whole state. He committed the presidential powers to the protection of the people. Throughout his presidential term. Jackson was portrayed as both a states’ right-winger and as a patriot. As a states’ right-winger. he proteced the provinces rights so that the federal authorities would non fund single states’ rights and favor them over other provinces. He was a strong truster in the political thoughts of the Jeffersonians. Another illustration of Jackson being a states’ right-winger includes the Maysville Road veto. Jackson had pledged to cut down the national debt and was opposed to the lifting figure of measures before Congress that proposed to finance internal betterments with public money.

The Maysville Road Bill gave authorized the usage of federal financess to build a route between the towns of Maysville and Lexington. both in Kentucky. Jackson vetoed the measure. naming it unconstitutional because it concerned merely the province of Kentucky. As a patriot. Jackson believed in a strong cardinal authorities in order to unite the state. He besides believed in a democracy for the full state. Jackson besides supported the Spoils System. which rewarded his political protagonists with public offices and allowed common people to take office.

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