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Although 12% of the class and many people outside the lassoer believe that overpopulation is myth, this morning I want to show you the reality of it and the catastrophic consequences of overpopulation. In my speech today I want to persuade you that overpopulation will lead to the downfall of society because it causes us to deplete the earth of all her natural resources and it is devastating our environment and we need to actively participate in saving the future of mother earth and the future for ourselves, our future family, and the future of society.

Let me start off by explaining what overpopulation is to the 37% of the class who does not know. According to dictionary. Com, overpopulation is when an organism’s number exceeds the carrying capacity of its habitat and the habitat is no longer a suitable environment to live on. It refers to more than just the number of people; it refers to our relationship to mother earth. To better explain this concept, imagine an environment that is holding 1 0 people but there is only enough space, food and drinking water for 7 people that is overpopulation.

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Thomas Malthusian proposed in his book, An Essay on the Principle of Population that resources grow linearly while population grows exponentially. He argued that, if left unrestricted, human population would continue to grow until they will become too large to be supported by the food grown on available agricultural land, causing starvation, which will then control population. Now that you have an understanding of what overpopulation is, let me explain to you the dire consequences of overpopulation.

Overpopulation leads to excessive overcrowding, depletion of natural resources, and environmental deterioration. According to the article by the New Republic, overpopulation is causing problems such as global warming, over fishing, cake oil, soil degradation, urban crowding, air pollution, vanishing farmlands and wetlands, acid rain, and water depletion and contamination. In a study done by the united Nations Environment Program it found that human consumption had far outstripped available resources.

According to the study, each person on earth now requires a third more land to supply his or her needs than the planet can supply. China, a highly overpopulation country, is starting to feel the effects of overpopulation. Each week a new coal fire powered station is opened making to try to supply energy to its growing population. Coal fire powered stations release high amounts Of pollutants into the atmosphere making China one of highest polluted countries. In a BBC report, it was said that if you take in a deep breath you could taste the coal dust in the back of your throat.

Imagine breathing that type of air everyday, people in China do, and thousands of Chinese die every year because of diseases related to pollution. As China’s population increases, there is an increase in consumption, which increases pollution, which increases death. That is the reality of overpopulation. However in the class survey, 8% of you argue that we can overcome and fix overpopulation. Some opponents argue that since the industrial revolution, food production has grown faster then human population.

But, in order to have an abundance of food, we need to have the basic natural resources and space. With overpopulation depleting earth of her available resources and destroying the environment, how can we supply the high agricultural demands for the 8 – 12 billion people by the end of the 21 SST century? Now that you know what overpopulation is and its consequences, let me tell you about Easter Island, aka ARPA Nun, was once a beautiful paradise until it as destroyed by overpopulation. According to Wisped, the island reached its carrying capacity in the 1 sass with 15,000 occupants.

The high volume of people led to deforestation to the point that there were no more trees or plants, food shortages, extinction of native bird population, soil depletion, erosion, and loss of access to deep-sea fish. There were so many people on the island that they literally fought to survive. Food was so scarce that there was even evidence of cannibalism. By the sass, their population had fallen to 1 32 people fulfilling Thomas Malthusian theory that starvation and famine will intro population.

Ultimately, overpopulation led to the collapse of Easter Island and if not taken seriously and controlled, it could ultimately led to the collapse of the entire world. Now that you have learned about overpopulation, its catastrophic consequences, and a case where overpopulation destroyed an entire society, hope it made you more aware of the problem at large that is occurring right now as speak. If you haven’t started before, start now and join the green movement, recycle, don’t be wasteful, and don’t pollute for the sake of yourself, your family, and the lives of billions.

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