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Introduction Hook: Every time you turn around you hear something else about going green. The message is played often and loudly on TV’s, radios, advertisements, and much more. They all ask…What are you doing to go green? What changes to your life have you made to go green? Need: With gas and food prices going up at a amazing rate, we need to think of ways to help out our economy and environment. Credibility: I have been going green for the past couple of years. Although it might seem like a big waste of time.

There are many benefits Thesis: You can go green.. T. S. : Lets look at 5 ways you can go green. Body: 1. The first way you can go green is to save energy. A. To save on heating and cooling costs, set your thermostat a few degrees lower in the winter and a few degrees higher in the summer . B. Install compact fluorescent light bulbs when your older incandescent bulbs burn out, but make sure to recycle the fluorescent bulbs when bad because they contain mercury which is bad for the environment

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C. Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible. As much as 85 percent of the energy used to machine wash clothes goes to heating the water. D. Hang your clothes up inside or outside to save the energy otherwise used during machine drying. If you must use a dryer, consider adding dryer balls to cut drying time. 2. The second way you can go green is to save water. A. take shorter showers to reduce water use . This will lower your water and heating bills too. B.

Install a low-flow showerhead. They don’t cost much, and the water and energy savings can quickly pay back your investment. C. If you like plants in your yard think about planting native one’s. They are nice and don’t require as much watering as others. 3. The third way you can go green is to use less gas. A. Walk or Bike to work. This saves on gas and parking costs while improving your cardiovascular health and reducing your risk of obesity. B. If you cant walk or bike to work, carpool.

It is a very helpful way to get where you need to be while saving on gas, and helping the environment on pollution. C. Drive Smarter. Set your cruise control on the highway for up to a 15 percent improvement in mileage. Driving less aggressively is the single most effective way to save gasoline, accelerate out of lights more gently, avoid rapid braking, and only drive as fast as you must. 4. The fourth way you can go green is to skip the plastics. A. Use a water filter to purify tap water instead of buying bottled water.

Plastic bottles generate large amounts of container waste. If you think gas is high, do the math on how much a gallon of water is if you buy it one bottle at a time. B. Bring a reusable water bottle, preferably aluminum rather than plastic, with you when traveling or at work. C. If you go to the grocery store, make sure and use the paper bags instead of plastic because plastic bags clog the dumps and never decompose. D. You can make very effective, non toxic cleaning products whenever you need them.

All you need are a few simple ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, lemon, and soap. 5. The fifth way you can go green is to shop in bulk or buy used. A. Consider going to garage sales or thrift stores instead of buying an item new. B. Go online to find new or gently used secondhand products. You can use sites such as e-bay or Craig list. C. Buy in bulk. Purchasing food from bulk bins can save money and packaging D. Invest in high quality, long lasting products. You might pay more now, but you’ll be happy when you don’t have to replace items as requently and this means less waste. Conclusion T. S. Many people want to go green but don’t know how. With a little help, everyone can enjoy the benefits of going green. Summary: In order to become more green you need to help out and save energy, water and gas. Another important thing is to say no to bottle water and non recyclable items such as plastic bags. Also, buy used and in bulk when possible. Closing statement. With just a little bit of help from everyone, Going Green can provide many benefits to you and your environment.

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