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As the earth is warming and the weather is always warm, people will not need to heat their house and their eating bills with decrease which saves them money. One study said that warmer winters could save up to 40,000 lives a year in the United States alone, which means less people will die Of the cause Of cold weather diseases. This also means the cost of health care will also decrease. The carbon dioxide will increase which is great, because plant growth will increase.

Increasing in plant growth mean decreasing in the price of food. It also means there will be enough food for everyone and we are going to solve one of the biggest problems which is world hunger. Ending of world hunger means less skinny people will be seen in the world. I have always dreamed to live next to the beach, now with the global warming, my dream will come true. The rise of ocean level due to the melting of icebergs will make the beach closer to home, especially because live far from the beach.

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This is a great benefit not only for me, but for everyone that lives far from the beach. Every morning, opening the windows, looking at a beautiful view of the beach, this is marvelous. Without icebergs in the way, the Arctic Ocean would be completely open, creating a new trade route from the Atlantic to Asia. Traveling tickets are always expensive in summer, but global warming could cake fall and winter warmer, which means people will not need to travel only in summer and traveling tickets are less expensive.

People who have houses next to the beach will have an increase of property value. All that will boom the economy, so there will be no more poor countries. Global warming should be seen as an advantage not as a problem. People should stop complaining about how dangerous is. With the decrease of people dying, the increase of plant growth, beaches close to home and the new trade route from the Atlantic to Asia everyone with should think global warming is a blessing.

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