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The warnings room the scientific community are also becoming more serious. It is a serious matter because the ongoing buildup of human-related greenhouse gases are dangerous and may cause harm to the environment and us people. In an article on the Sinews website, I found that “Last month the United States set a record for the hottest month ever, with July 2012 beating a record set in 1936 by 0. 2 degrees. ” This is why people believe that the temperature increases every year. Whether it is global warming or not, we as individuals all have our own different opinions about the environment.

A big reason why Americans did not have immediate worries about global warming is because of the bad economy people believe they had better things to worry about such as finding a job, figuring out how they were going to pay there mortgage and support their families. Others didn’t care for global warming because of their “Climate-friendly’ personalities. These people do not care enough about the environment to take time out of their day or money out of their pocket to make a difference.

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It also takes a mass Of people to just spread a few words to the public; there is no way one single person can do it alone. Even those worried about climate change have a hard time putting their money where their mouths are, since raising the price of energy will affect the prices of merchandise throughout the county. Another reason why people do not take global warming serious is because of Obama. Throughout his duration as president these past couple years he has hardly mentioned the threat of climate change in his speeches.

Instead he talks about energy efficiency and clean energy standards. If he spoke out more about global warming people would surely start to consider coming up with solutions to help decrease the temperature of the globe. Since Americans care more about jobs, it would be a waste of time to debate climate change. ” (Michigan Gob. Jennifer Granola) Many people would agree to what she is saying because we should not be worrying about something that we have plenty of time to figure out.

Most scientists believe that global warming does seem to be happening, but a few don’t believe that it is anything to be worried about. These scientists say that the Earth is more resistant to climate changes on this scale than we think. Plants and animals will adapt to subtle shifts in weather patterns, and it is unlikely anything catastrophic will happen s a result of global warming. Slightly longer growing seasons, changes in precipitation levels and stronger weather is all for the better.

They also argue that the economic damage caused by cutting down on the emission of greenhouse gases will be far more damaging to humans than any of the effects of global warming. A few scientists think that data is being interpreted incorrectly by people who are already worried about global warming. That is, these people are looking for evidence of global warming in the statistics, instead of looking at the evidence objectively and trying to figure out what it means. However, others believe if we don’t start cooling the temperature down there will be serious consequences to the environment and our health.

Lately national security is more relevant so Countries in the Middle East, such as Libya call for energy independence has developed significantly. The national security argument for a expanded energy portfolio, which may include more clean energy in addition to domestic oil and natural gas production, is sometimes the best way to convince climate change skeptics to invest in carbon-free sources. People do not pay much attention to public beakers when the talk about global warming too much anymore because they hear the same things Over and over again.

People are sick about hearing about when they know that there is not much they can personally do to make a difference. There are fewer newsworthy events about global warming that need to be shared. In May of 2006, the former vice president and Nobel Peace Prize recipient AY Gore released a documentary on the climate change crisis called, “An Inconvenient Truth. ” He spoke out about climate change and really got people to listen to the facts. Scientific predictions about the potential effects of climate change over the years haven’t been very threatening, to say the least.

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