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The warming of the Earth would also bring more disease caring insects to migrate north: bringing plague and disease with them. The extreme weather causes millions Of dollars in damage and the diseases cost money to treat and control. The changes in Earth’s temperature would cause the Arctic to melt and many of the Arctic animals to become extinct. ‘According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, if all glaciers melted today the seas would rise about 230 feet” (5 deadliest effects of global warming).

The melting of the polar caps will desalinate the ocean; messing up the ocean currents, killing numerous species of salt water fish (dying painfully from absorbing too much water and exploding like a sponge), and irregularly cool down areas like New England, America and countries like Spain and France in Western Europe. There would also be no land for the Arctic animals like penguins or seals to live, reproduce, or take care of their young on. Again, there would also be more heat to warm the Earth, if the Arctic caps melted since the North Pole is covered in white snow.

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The white snow normally reflects the sun’s rays away from the Earth, essentially cooling the Earth. When the Arctic melts, the rays will then be absorbed into the dark blue ocean, further warming the Earth, since in Antarctica the sun’s rays rarely reach there (5 deadliest effects of global warming). Global warming will be a huge Issue later in the future. Weather like Hurricane Strain, will be seen more often and ever more violent hurricanes can be expected with the warmer oceans.

The dry air and heated atmosphere will bring about more things like: bigger forest fires, more serious droughts, large floods from heavier rainfall, and of course more deadly heat waves in major cities. If the high temperatures cause droughts/floods in some areas, especially farm areas, then there will be a shortage of food from crop destruction. Water shortage also threatens livestock and the people living in these areas. Over flooding can cause disasters like New Orleans to be more frequent in coastal areas, bringing millions of dollars in damage to homes and thousands of deaths, to the poorer people who couldn’t afford to leave.

The dry air would dry out the leaves and bark of the trees, making them more susceptible to forest fires (Global Warming and Extreme Weather). Warmer weather would also bring about more deaths by diseases and disease carrying insects. Disease-bearing mosquitoes will be the cause of some malaria epidemics in highland areas since normally, the cold weather kept the population of these deadly mosquitoes down. Mosquitoes also use eater to lay their eggs in, so if there are more floods, there are more places for the disease-bearing mosquitoes to reproduce diseased young.

With the spread of malaria, there will also the spread of dengue and West Nile virus. This won’t affect people in the more civilized countries with public health care, modern medication, and early vaccination shots. It will major affect the poorer third world countries, like Africa that have no to access to proper treatment or don’t have any prevention measures (Global warming causing disease to rise). The diseases and weather would also cause millions Of dollars in damages ND for controlling disease. For starters, foods and other goods would become more expensive, since there would be shortages in crops.

Refugees from natural disasters need supplies to live and places to live of course. Most refugees won’t have enough or no money at all, to pay for new homes and supplies for themselves, let alone their families. The repairing of just houses alone would be exponential. Cleaning the huge disasters and controlling the possible epidemics will cost every country millions and leave poorer countries with homeless, destroyed places that they can’t afford to rebuild (Climate hanged fight ‘can’t wait’). There are many things we can do to reduce global warming and make Earth greener.

The first is always the one you hear the most about; reduce, reuse, and recycle. Changing a normal light bulb with a compact fluorescent light saves energy and saves you money. Adding insulation to your house so you can use less heat/a. C. Saves you money as well as energy as well. Drive less and car pooling helps lower carbon emissions and buying new, energy efficient cars helps lessen pollution. Using energy-saving dish washers and wrapping your water heater with an insulating blanket helps reduce the arbor dioxide that is produced to warm water.

Turning off electronics and lights when not in use and planting trees help make the environment and the atmosphere cleaner. Most importantly, encourage others to help with global warming! Global warming is a big issue in today’s world. Some people say it’s a myth but most agree that it is a huge problem. Other than making it hotter and having less winter, it is also making: more extreme weather, more epidemics of various diseases, mass extinction of animals worldwide, and millions and millions of dollars spent fixing natural disasters.

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