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Its effects and causes have been on the rise and people need to do something about it before the problem gets any worse. Gibbon warming is an increase in the earth’s imperative, which can be caused by the use of fossil fuels, and industrial or agricultural processes. Man-made emissions are adding to the amount Of carbon dioxide already being naturally released. These harmful processes have been leading to a large increase in the buildup of “greenhouse gases,” which are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and water vapor.

Even though some people are doubters and believe global warming is just a smoke screen or an environmental fad to get the government to fund programs for useless research and these funds could be better spent on other causes. There are other people who really take global warming seriously and work very hard to make the quality of life on earth better and be more sustainable. While these doubters voice their opinions, those who believe our earth is warming up have shown that indeed it is and the human race is only partly to blame for the issue, that Mother Nature has her own agenda in the warming of the earth.

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The doubters feel that there is no conclusive evidence that climate change is happening, even though there is evidence of changes in the measured temperature of the earth, the skeptics feel it is a natural thing and nothing to worry about. With warmer summers, colder winters, the variation in the precipitation around the world, the floods, the hurricanes that are getting stronger leads us to wonder.

After years of some people believing and others being skeptical over the existence of global warming, it has been deemed a fact and no matter how we look at it, the hard truth is that humans may be causing part of it, but Mother Nature is causing the other part. If we continue to haggle over whether global warming is a real threat or not, we are wasting our time and resources of not finding a viable solution to global warming and are putting our planet at greater risk. The believers think the increased temperatures of the earth prove that global warming exists as the main problem and it should be taken seriously.

The skeptics believe the increase in temperature is just a natural happening, and if there is such a thing as global warming it is nothing major to worry about. The believers also feel humans have to take some responsibility in the global warming process. Humans contribute to growth and advancement of industry, which leads to an increase in air pollution, greenhouse gases and the burning of fossil fuels. The skeptics still feel global warming is a natural vent and seems to not worry too much about it.

Floods, fires, melting ice and feverish heat, and the High freezing, the planet seems to be having a midsummer breakdown. It’s not just a signal of things to come, scientists say, but a sign of troubling climate change already under. With the heat that is affecting the most of the parts Africa and south Asia, the people who believe in global warming would say this was a sure sign of it. The disbelievers would say it was just a natural occurrence. This heat wave blasted South Punjab in Pakistan and at one point over seven people died on a daily basis during last ten years on average.

The heat wave caused forest fires and the forest fires are also affecting the atmosphere due to heat and specially smoke, on the other hand the destruction of forests is initiating a cycle of heat, which will cause global warming and global warming will cause forest fire and so on to hold over toxic clouds in the air. Again the non believers would say this was just a natural occurrence. Believer would say global warming had a part in the weather patterns which has changed and caused this heat wave.

The massive record-breaking Snow Storms in past five winters had a lot Of the east Europe buried under large amounts of snow. Doubters of global warming’s pointed out what they saw was just plain older Mother Nature doing her thing and the believers of global warming would say this was caused by man. Usually these unusual weather happenings tell us there are some climate changes happening already. For the past several years skeptics and believers alike have debated back and forth about the causes of global warming.

The believers say that if the man-made causes are left untouched and steadily get worse these causes may not be able to be reversed. A few examples of these are: the rainforest’s reductions, depletion of the ozone, and the use of fossil eels. Doubters claim that the warming of the earth is just a natural process and that the overall effect man has on nature is vastly overrated. The issue is still the same the earth’s climate is warming. There needs to be a meeting of the two sides in the middle and work together.

The greenhouse effect is vital for humans and also on the other partners of our ecosystem. Without these greenhouse gases that are provided by nature, the earth actually would not be warm enough for humans to live, and other living organisms to develop. However, we need to control the amount types of greenhouse gases that are leased. How does global warming affect sustainable development? With the global warming producing stronger hurricanes, those people who live on a coastline will be either driven further inland to prevent harm from coming to them or their families.

The world’s areas that are flat to natural hazards of weather fake specific problems to the community’s abilities to build structures to withstand these storms, let alone they also have to find ways to protect their food sources as well. With the variation Of the weather around the world, it is obvious something is happening to our environment and we deed to learn how to adapt and become more efficient and take care of our planet. If we continue to negotiate over whether global warming is a real solution to global warming and are putting our planet at greater risk.

While these non believers and believers voice their opinions, our earth is warming up. The human race is only partly to blame as Mother Nature has her own agenda in the warming of the earth. We can start helping slow down the global warming process by reporting, refueling and rebuilding and five steps that are necessary in solving global warming: Set limits on global arming pollution; Invest in green jobs & clean energy; Drive smarter cars; Create green homes and building; Build better communities and transportation en;arks.

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