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The effects that these two causes lead two are plentiful. However, the two effects are even more dangerous storms coming our way and the extinction of animals. The more storms that come our way the more money, lives and homes we begin to lose. When it comes to the extinction Of animals, we need them to survive. Without some of these animals, many people would starve. In conclusion, these are only two causes and effects of global warming, and the results are horrible. As any good topic, global warming became a controversy.

The first side, which most people also agree with, believe that global warming is a real and s increasing in threat as time goes by. However, there are some non- believers that think that global warming is just a myth or theory. The first side is scientifically proven over many years of research. While some aspects of global warming like the causes and effects of global warming is agreed upon. However, the non- believers are focused on the aspects that are not totally confirmed. Some of these aspects are time, distance and arrival of the effects.

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In conclusion, while the topic of global warming is controversial there are seasons to defend both sides. Although there is many supporting details to further enhance both sides of the global warming controversy, I strongly agree with the first group. Agree with the first group because I believe in more of a scientific hypothesis. According to “Just Facts” global warming facts, which was taken very close to the surface of the earth, the earth’s temperature has increased about 1. 4 degree Fahrenheit between the 1 ass’s to the sass’s. A 1. Spike in temperature, and that temperature only has one way to move in this climate, up. Another fact that was interesting, again from “Just Facts”, global warming facts, they say, “Human activities currently release about 37 billion metric tons of CO per year, which equates to about 5% of natural CO emissions. Natural processes absorb the equivalent of all natural emissions plus about 57% of man-made emissions, leaving an additional 16 billion metric tons of CO in the atmosphere each year. ” It is astounding how much CO gets produced and then contaminates and pollutes our air.

A final scientifically proven fact about global warming according to climate changes facts is, shows that recent global warming is primarily a result of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities. ” Global warming is a much known and very controversial topic. It has affected and will continue to affect us as long as we continue to do the same things we do. We need to cut down on CO in the air, and try to slow deforestation, among other things. However, we are very demanding people so no one will most likely not change. In conclusion, global warming is a very serious and increasing threat to our environment.

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