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However global warming is tied back to those things that seem to be a priority. The Earth is our home and should be put first. New York Times, Marjorie Connelly quotes Bernice Schneider, “Economic growth is important, but if we don’t take care of the environment, we won’t be here to enjoy it,” If we are constantly focusing on the economy or other issues, the Earth will get to a point when it is no longer inhabitable. Although this is a serious issue “31 percent considered global warming to be a natural phenomenon, and 10 percent did not accept the idea f global warming at all. ” (Marjorie Connelly).

Over forty percent of the population does not realize that our planet is in trouble. This percentage is very much so politically tied. “18 percent of Republicans did not think global warming was real” and “sixty-one percent of democrats said global warming was causing an impact now,”. Typically the conservative Republican Parry tends to be an older group of people, while the Democrat Party is made up of a much younger group of people. Of course “those 65 and older expected to see no impact from global warming’, their time is short so they have no season to care about the climate change.

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However interestingly, “Many younger people did, (expect to see impact from global warming) including 50 percent of those under 30. ” It is the younger people who care, because they are the ones who will suffer if something is not done to stop climate change. Although the democrats are not taking notice to the climate change, the Pentagon is. Lisa Freidman and Climate Wire report that “The Pentagon released a landmark report (yesterday) declaring climate change an ‘immediate risk”‘. If the government feels this strongly about climate change why don’t we? Not only do they care, but they are doing something about it.

Defense secretary Chuck Haggle “embraced upcoming U. N. Negotiations in Lima Peru, aimed at developing a new global agreement” and “leaders hope to see a draft emerge at the Lima Climate talks in December. ” Officials such as Chuck Haggle are aware that climate change does not just mean warmer temperatures, but that “climate change is a ‘threat multiplier”‘. One of the chain reactions that will occur is the obvious rising of sea levels. Rising sea levels means that costal military bases will be flooded, leaving them vulnerable” and it will “complicate surveillance and reconnaissance capability”.

What would our nation come to if every costal military base was gone? Countries would be more vulnerable to terrorism and attacks and, those few, but powerful people who do not believe in global warming are allowing this to happen. Besides terrorism and attacks, global warming would also create limited resources. 2014 climate Change Adoption Roadman warms that “climate change could leave already weak nations more vulnerable, from restricting food and water to compelling mass migration. ” This is why it is racial for us to do something about the global warming crisis.

This IS not a matter of warmer summers and colder winters, it is life and possible death for millions of people. Climate change is a largely debated subject, but there is clear and tangible proof of its effects. Although the change is not occurring overnight, Brad Plumper in “The Washington Post” writes “the global average is changing over a longer period. ” The effects of global warming are apparent in the Annual Global Temperature Anomalies; the records kept from 1950-2012 show an obvious upward trend (The Washington Post).

Although winters still exist, very ice shelf has not melted, and we still have “La Ina” years, the ultimate trend shows that the Earth is getting warmer. The question is, what is causing this overall increase in temperature? The answer is that humans are adding excess carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and “Climate scientists are quite sure that if we keep adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, that will trap more heat in the Earth’s surface and the global average temperature will continue to rise over time. ” (Brad Plumper). Carbon dioxide is a large factor in the climate change but it is not the only cause.

Other things that effect the Earth’s temperature are natural events such as “El Infix and La Nina cycles… Volcanoes… Air pollution. There are changes in solar activity and so forth. ” (Brad Plumper). Although humans are not the only cause of global warming we are making the climate change more drastic. Since we live on this planet it is important for us to take care of it, so that whatever nature throws at us will not be the end on humanity. “The EPIC says that heavy precipitation events in the Northern Hemisphere are expected to increase as the planet heats up. But that prediction is for all seasons, not just winter… What this means is that is there will be extreme weather conditions; it will be raining heavily in one part of the world and another part experience an intense drought. This will effect resources, food and clean water for people, and the overall wellbeing of the humanity. Another effect of global warming is that it will cause the jet streams that help to heat and cool our planet to change entirely. This again will cause our planet to heat up even more,” we’ll still see record cold snaps in the united States as the planet heats up. They II just become less frequent over time, while record heat waves will become increasingly common. The evidence of global warming is right in front of us. On the flip side, although many people whole heartedly believe in climate change, their argument is about as sturdy as the so called “melting’ glaciers. The first of many faults in the climate change theory and campaign is that they do not disclose all information. In Donna Edmunds article “Man-made Climate Change is a Myth” she quotes weather channel founder John Coleman saying “your only speakers are two people who continue to present failed science as though it is the final and complete story,” in regards to the Hammer Forum on Climate Change.

The fact that these forums and organizations are neglecting to acknowledge scientific information against their argument is extremely concerning. Could they be intentionally hiding things from the public? When Edmund brings up the important topic that “The polar ice is increasing not melting away. Polar Bears are increasing in numbers. Heat waves have actually diminished not increase. ” The people who are arguing for climate change do not have a leg to stand on. This shows that the fight to prove climate change is more of a political movement rather than n attempt to save the environment.

Before any of that sounds remotely convincing, where is their factual evidence? Those arguing against the fact Of global warming have no concrete facts, but many opinions, some may even say Ignorance. Climate change is something that will be debated as long as there is money to have and power to be gained. However it is important to know the motives behind and argument before you side with one. The motive behind proving climate change and doing something about it is to save the Earth and everyone on it. This is matter of loving one another enough to protect our lanes.

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