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The first step to reduce global warming is to stop the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is the effect burning fossil fuels has on the world. To lessen these effects you can switch to clean energy. You can do this by unplugging electronics when you are done using them and by switching to solar powered devices. This is an important step towards stopping global warming, or at least slowing it down. Traveling green is another way to stop burning fossil fuels. The concept traveling green is basically traveling in way that doesn’t effect the world actively.

To travel greenly you can walk, roller-bladder or bike. Give your car a break every once and awhile and help the earth stay healthy. This is a very easy way to ensure the earths’ future is positive. Lastly you can watch your water use in everyday life. Watching your water use is easier than you may think. Even little changes like turning off the water while you’re brushing your teeth can help. A bigger way to help is too buy low flow shower heads[a] and washing loads of laundry in cold water instead of hot[b].

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