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This vast topic has many definitions for different reasons. Global warming could happen due to the pure existence of human life. The day to day things that we do could result in global warming. Driving our motor vehicles, burning of fuel and trees could trigger the warming mechanism. There are different aspects to this. I chose this topic since it has an in-depth argument point and it can be very well detailed in to several different parts. For my research I will be discussing a sub topic of how factories are responsible for global warming.

Are all factories responsible for this and have they taken key measurements to avoid or reduce such threats or are they just ignoring the fact would be a much more interesting to research about. This paper would mainly be on how the definition Of ‘Global Warming’ could be characterized and discussed. The timely topic of global warming has triggered many nations and many are on discussion of the matter. All most all major industrial nations are now concerned about their effect to the environment.

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This came about in the early ass’s as many major industries loomed with the open economic expansions. United States, China, Soviet union, Japan and Korea were the leading industrial nation that came forward with the study of global warming. United States mastered the studies with advancement in technology, space and health. The first study of global warming and its effects came to the public awareness in the sass’s as the electronic media took over the world. People started worrying about the warming and many protests came forward by several health and environmental agencies.

United State’s Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA), World Wildlife Fund WFM), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Natural Resources Defense Council are some of the key agencies that are researching about this issue. Depletion of ozone layer, warming of glaciers, change in sea water currents, change in climate, acid rain and heat distribution patterns are some of the facts that these agencies are keeping a close watch on. They analyze each year of how much change is happening and predicts the future changes. But during the last decade sudden unpredictable changes have occurred around the world.

There were several issues in the United State itself such as; * Glasgow, Montana No sub-zero days, 1997. For the first time ever, temperatures remained above (-1 7. 8? C) in December. The average temperature was 1 0. 9? F (6? C) above normal. * Bermuda Dying mangroves. Rising sea level is leading to saltwater inundation of coastal mangrove forests. * Hawaii Beach loss. Sea-level rise at Waianae Bay, along with coastal development, has contributed to considerable beach loss over the past 90 years. * Texas Deadly heat wave, summer 1998. Heat claimed more than 100 lives in the region.

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