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In 2009, the united nations climate changes conference was held at the Bella center, Copenhagen. The Copenhagen Accord was drafted after the conference among several major participants such as the U. S. , China, India, Brazil, and South Africa. This draft seemed to be a meaningless document and did not have any legal binding. The Copenhagen Accord was suppose to coordinate the disagreements among participating countries on the issues of climate changes and carbon dioxide emission, but unified views never being reached.

On the one hand, developed countries such as the U. S. ND some European nations insisted that today severe climate changes, such as the global warming was facing across the world and was serious enough to jeopardize people’s living situation. Therefore, they believe that people should take Steps to prevent further environment deterioration, and the most urgent one is to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.

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On the other hand, some developing countries represented by China and India, believed that although global warming was an undeniable trend at the present time, it had little to do with human activities. So reducing the emission of carbon dioxide was necessary and would contribute nothing to the environmental protection. To me, I am in favor with the developing countries’ opinions, that is, carbon dioxide has little to do with the current lifting of temperature and the global warming is not as harmful as those developed countries claimed.

Developed nations have paid a lot of efforts to advocate the danger of global warming in the past few years. One of their argument which aroused great compassion around the world is that global warming endangers some species’ survival. For example, AY Gore, who won the Nobel Peace Prize lamed that polar bears are the victims of global warming. His famous picture—a polar bear standing on a melting ice, certainly tugged at the heart- strings. Because this photo was so moving, in a blinking moment, it was spread all around the world. It was published not only in the Sunday Telegraph. It made it onto the front page of the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune. It also ran in Loon’s Daily Mail, The Times of London and Canada’s Ottawa Citizen -? and that’s just to name a Gore’s “Drowning Polar Bears” par. L). Some press even asserted that in fifty years, woo third of the polar bears would disappear from the earth due to the melting of ice. Suddenly, everyone knew that polar bears were in extinction because of man-made global warming.

However, as time went by, some facts gradually being revealed and it turned out that Mr.. Gore, the Nobel Prize winner, did not tell the truth. At first, someone pointed out that the picture was a two year old one, and was taken by an Australian student who traveled through Canada in the summer, “when every year the fringes of the Arctic ice cap melt regardless Of the wider effects Of global AY Gore’s Drowning Polar Bears” par. 1). Therefore, Mr.. Gore’s use of this photo as an evidence of the danger of global warming is totally misleading. Second, according to Dry.

Mitch Taylor, manager of wildlife research and a polar bear biologist, the global warming never hurts the survival of polar bear since their number increases significantly during the past few years(Study shows polar bear increase in Davis Strait par. 1). Dry. Taylor has been working in the Davis Strait in Canada for three years on polar bear inventory. His study convinces the truth that polar bears’ number is in steady increasing which also ordinates with local hunters’ impression that more polar bears were counted during the recentness(par. ). Therefore, Mr.. Gores claim that polar bears are in extinction is lack of any scientific facts. From this example, I think that global warming must not be as horrible as people hear on those western medias. Another point that the western medias wildly propagate which I do not agree with is that the emission of carbon dioxide leads to the current global warming. Many developed countries maintain that the global warming is man-made so humans have obligations to prevent it being deteriorated.

Nevertheless, some scientists proposed opposite opinions and I found them very convincing. It is well known that the carbon dioxide only account for 0. 054% Of the air, so it is hard to say that this little Component Of the air can eminently influence the climate as a whole. Moreover, compare to the 1 50 billion tons of carbon dioxide emitted from animals and bacteria, the 6. 5 billion tons of carbon dioxide emitted from human activities is really negligible. Thus, it is even harder to say that the global warming has any connections with human activities.

In order to prove their viewpoints, some esters countries always show people a picture which depicts the changes of both temperature and the content of carbon dioxide in the air. In the picture, the temperature curve and the carbon dioxide curve highly coincide with each other. Therefore, those countries maintain that the increase of carbon dioxide leads to the increase of temperature. Yet, many statistics and scientists give different explanations about the picture. They find out that the carbon dioxide curve has the property of hysteria, which means it changes after the temperature curve changes.

So they believe that the increase in arbor dioxide is the result of the global warming, not the opposite as those western counties claim. After long time’s investigation, one MIT professor, Carl Hunch reported in his research that because of the global warming, the rising temperature causes the oceans to expel more carbon dioxide than it used to and result in the increase of carbon dioxide in the air(Response to the London Channel 4 Film “The Global Warming Swindle” par. 6). For the actual reason that lead to the global warming, professor Hunch believes that is because of the sun’s activities.

Finally, Those European countries resiliently assert that their purpose for advocating carbon emission reduction is to hold back the trend of global warming and therefore protect the environment. However, as I see it, there are many political effects behind the scene and the global warming claim is a swindle. This conspiracy exposed by hundreds of private emails and documents exchanged among prominent American and British researchers were hacked by a Russian hacker(Hacked E- Mail Is New Fodder for Climate Dispute par. 1).

These emails showed how those researchers editing and distorting data and rushing into the result of lobar warming despite the fact that there is no enough evidence to prove that. So what is the main reason for some developed countries to construct a global warming myth? In my opinion, it is all about money. Imagine if all participating countries agreed that the emission of carbon dioxide lead to the global warming and is harmful to the environment during the Copenhagen Summit. In that case, for developing countries’ every exported good and even international flight, developed countries can impose a very high tax for carbon emission.

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