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Greenhouse gases are natural gases such as CO, Nitrous Oxide or Methane and are created in one of two ways. The first way is, through natural cycles, or instance, CO is released through animal respiration or plant photosynthesis. The alternative greenhouse gas production comes from man’s use of different fuels and products; this can lead to anthropogenic climate changes. Anthropogenic Climate Changes are changes in the atmosphere brought on by human activity, and there is evidence of these kinds of changes all over.

By studying the size of the polar ice caps we can see that they are shrinking and this may be due to a warmer atmosphere temperature brought on by none other than an anthropogenic climate change. An EPIC report from 2007 wowing levels of some of the greenhouse gases also shows that the levels of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere has skyrocketed since the post- industrial era, this can only be attributed to man-made machines that have come to rise. So how does human activity attribute to the climate rise?

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Greenhouse gases are natural occurring gases that hold in some of the heat energy that comes from the sun and bounce off of the earths’ surface; it’s not that these gases are bad in nature, we actually depend on them to keep the climate of our earth at a sustainable temperature, with that being said Hough, they are only positive for our atmosphere in moderation. In nature the gases such as CO, Nitrous Oxide and Methane are released through means of breathing, photosynthesis, volcanic activity and decomposition.

They are also regulated by nature in order to keep these gases In safe moderation, for example, plants take in CO to run their energy cycles, this takes away from what is present and balances the levels. When man started advancing through the industrial revolution we started burning substances such as coal and petroleum which have skyrocket CO levels due to CO being a byproduct of combustion and burning. When energy sources such as these release Cynic a small portion of what is released is reabsorbed by natural entities, the rest of it stays lingering in the air.

In fact, according to the EPA Carbon Dioxide accounts for roughly 84% of all human greenhouse gas emissions, this can be great evidence to support that anthropogenic climate changes are in place causing global warming. As I have said the topic of global warming is only an idea, a theory, widely open for debate, which is very diversified. As for my opinion on the subject, believe global warming really is in effect on our world. Acid rain is a good epic to look at to support my view, the pH levels of rain couldn’t ever be a perfect seven due to natural greenhouse gases, but they shouldn’t be at a level that would damage our environment.

The New York Times has produced articles on how acid rain is affecting the Rockies and even national parks. I don’t see any other cause for this than a rapid increase in pollutants. Other reasons for my concern are the obvious increase in intensity of tropical storms that have affected our states and the news of so many tornadoes which can be cause by heat friction in the air. Since we have put so much roundhouse gases into the air and caused anthropogenic climate changes, we have contributed to the heat that creates storms like these. Also believe in human advancement, so if we are going to continue to advance like this, it is our responsibility to put policies into play to preserve our wellbeing as well as our planets’. Some mitigations have been brought forth to resolve issues such as acid rain and melting polar ice caps, all caused by global warming. One of these policies is known as Coal taxing, coal taxing is the idea of adding a tax to our natural resources that are frequently used by companies and industries. The amount of tax that is added on to the sale of the fuel would all depend on how much emission the fuel would add to the environment when used.

This idea was proposed in hopes to get companies who are trying to be cost conscious to do one of two things, either reduce their use of these fuels, which in turn reduces the emissions that they produce, or get them to explore other options to obtain energy. One such alternative is the use of mind mills to harness wind power which is actually more cost effective and environment friendly, hence why wind power may be on the rise. Another usability to slow global warming is to capture and contain carbon that is released into the air, this would almost work like when plant capture carbon for their energy cycles.

This idea may be effective due to the fact that It could drastically lower CO levels which are one of the highest emissions in our atmosphere. However, it may be costly to purchase the means and space to capture and store the carbon. If I were to choose, would say coal taxing seems the most promising for two different reasons; not only does this idea possibly lower our emissions, but it may also inspire us to pioneer into new arms of energy bringing on further advancement for us in places we didn’t think to look, all the while being less harmful to us.

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