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Global warming is the increase of Earth’s average surface temperature due to greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels or from forestation, which trap heat that would otherwise escape from Earth. It is a major problem all around the globe because sea level rise is accelerating, the number of large wildfires is growing, dangerous heat waves are becoming more common, extreme storm events are increasing in many areas, and more severe droughts occurring at certain places. Global warming impacts not only our health but also the environment and our communities.

One main important evidence that supports that global warming is affecting our planet is climate change throughout the world. Current carbon dioxide level has been about 380+ parts per million which went up about 1 00 parts per million from 1 ass’s carbon dioxide level. (http://climate. NASA. Gob/evidence/). This is a very reliable source because it is from NASA having the evidence of global warming affecting the world. Because of carbon dioxide levels risen up so high is affecting the climate all over the world. Temperature is risen up in all over the countries where it is going to the extreme.

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These temperatures that have been recorded in the recent years has never been that high in the sat years. For example in United States in 2013 the highest temperature recorded was in Overtone, NV which was 122 F. (http:// www. Wunderkind. Com/climate/extremes. Asp). This source is from weather record extremes where all the record for temperature is been stored to show the extreme temperature and also helps me prove that global warming is a huge problem. This was the most extreme temperature recorded in U. S. This kind of temperature not only affect us but it affects plants and any kind of living organism in general.

A lack of natural controls, such as predators, or tightens, or inadequate defenses in trees, can allow insects to spread. Climate change could contribute to an increase in the severity of future insect outbreaks. Rising temperatures may enable some insect species to develop faster and expand their ranges northward. Invasive plant species can displace important native vegetation because the invasive species often lack natural predators. Climate change could benefit invasive plants, since they are generally more tolerant to a wider range of environmental conditions than are native plants.

Insect outbreaks often defoliate, weaken, and kill trees. For example, pine beetles have damaged more than 1. 5 million acres Of forest in Colorado and spruce beetles have damaged more than 2. 5 million acres in Alaska. In recent years, wildfires consumed more than 6. 25 million acres of forest in Alaska (roughly equal to the area of Massacre assets). (http:// www. EPA. Gob/challenging/impacts-adaptation/forests. HTML). This source is from EPA which is Environmental Protection Agency of United States which is a very reliable source that proves how global warming is affecting the world.

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