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In 2001 the panel that Aching was on also concluded humans were likely, or with 66 percent probability, the cause of global warming. Science and the study of global warming isn’t a house of cards, but it is more like a puzzle. By this mean, as you put the pieces of the puzzle together the picture comes clearer as to what the ending result will be. So as the evidence builds where global warming is considered, we as humans get a clearer picture of what is changing our climate to make global warming happen.

There are many different kinds of evidence that are all pointing to one single, yet consistent answer which is the main cause of global warming, it is the raising of the carbon dioxide levels to the greenhouse gas effect from our fossil fuel burning in cars, factories and industries to name just a few. This paper will discuss the ways that human actions may be the reason for the global warming that we are experiencing today and what Steps and measures us as humans can take to prevent further global warming. Most people would assume that concern over global warming or global climate change was a fairly recent phenomenon. However, as this brief article by Stephan Harding of Schumacher College in England mints out, scientists as far back as the asses took note of possible links between human activities and the climate system. ” (Turk, J. , & Bunsen, T. (201 1). Global warming has been occurring for many years, but has recently taken the turn for the worst and affecting many environmental needs of humans and animals as well as nature in general.

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There are lots of factors that take part in the global warming issue but the main one is fossil fuel. Humans are currently in this day and age polluting the air with around 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year. Scientist have studied and assured the types of carbon dioxide that is accumulating in the atmosphere, and what they observed was more of the type of carbon dioxide that comes from fossil fuels that humans are using daily.

They know this from the measurements of oxygen in the atmosphere that are mixed with the carbon dioxide in their studies. Scientist has found that carbon dioxide is rising in the atmosphere and that the levels of oxygen seem to be tapering off. This is partly because of the fossil fuels that are being used to burn in order to maintain energy. Furthermore, “independent evidence that humans re raising carbon dioxide levels comes from measurements of carbon dioxide found in coral records going back several centuries.

These find a recent sharp rise in the type of carbon dioxide that comes from fossil fuels. ” (Palermo 2005). There are indicators of a human fingerprint on climate change that could be playing a part in the global warming. All humans leave their fingerprint on the planet earth and the environment each and every day. The indicators of the human fingerprint on the climate change and what they are doing to possibly cause global warming to occur is what this paper will cover next.

First, as mention early, we as humans are currently putting into the air around 30 billion tons Of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each and every year in this day and age. It is not just the United States alone that may be causing the global warming issues; there are other countries that are in the deciding factor as well. China, United States, India, Russia and Japan are among the top five countries that produce the most carbon into the air each and every year. China has United States has India has Russia has and Japan has in emissions of carbon dioxide each year.

Secondly, when scientist measure the type of arbor dioxide accumulating in the atmosphere from human emissions, they observe more of the type of carbon dioxide that comes from fossil fuels such as gasoline for cars, burning coals, oils and natural gas. By studying the measurements it has been able to corroborate the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. Also, evidence that humans are raising carbon dioxide levels in the planets atmosphere comes from measurements Of the carbon dioxide that is found in coral records of studies going back several centuries.

Therefore, since we know humans are raising the carbon dioxide levels and eloping to add to the continuing of global warming, what’s the effect that it is having and what can be done to slow down its progress? Scientist use satellites that can measure the amount of heat escaping into space, at the particular wavelengths that carbon dioxide is able to absorb heat, thus finding When less heat is able to escape into space, it goes back to the earth surface. This is known from studying the surface measurements, and observing more downward radiation.

Taking a closer look at the downward radiation will find that more heat returning by the carbon dioxide avalanches will lead to the conclusion that “this experimental data should effectively end the argument by skeptics that no experimental evidence exists for the connection between greenhouse gas increases in the atmosphere and global warming. ” (Evans 2006). The greenhouse effect is a great source in studying the global warming pattern that is taking place currently. Since there is an increase in the greenhouse effect that is causing global warming, we should see certain patterns in the warming of the planet.

An example of this would be that the planet should warm faster at night time and slower during day time. Secondly, there is a distinctive pattern of greenhouse warming that is cooling the upper parts of the atmosphere, better known as the stratosphere. Third, when the lower atmosphere, or what the scientist refer to as the troposphere warming, and the upper atmosphere or what the scientist refer to as the stratosphere cooling, another consequence is the boundary between both the troposphere and stratosphere. This means that the troposphere should rise as a consequence of greenhouse warming.

As a result of this the higher layers of the atmosphere, the ionosphere, is expected to cool and contract in espouse to greenhouse effect and global warming. One of the important facts on global warming is that global warming is mainly an outcome Of the greenhouse effect. The definition of the greenhouse effect is ‘the warming that results when heat is trapped. This process is similar to how the greenhouse works. The greenhouse traps the sun’s heat energy within and maintains the temperature optimally warm for plants to grow. ” (Turk, J. & Bunsen, T. (2011). Nature has learned to keep Earth’s temperature warm for life, but in the same order not to hot. This allows the amount of carbon dioxide, a huge greenhouse gas, to exist in iterate amounts within the atmosphere. This is maintained by what is known as the carbon cycle. If the equilibrium is thrown off balance to the side of becoming over warming that it will cause the effect of global warming of the planet. There are the two main causes of the green house effect and global warming which are natural and man-made.

A few of the natural contributors to the greenhouse gas effects into Earth’s atmosphere include but are not limited to volcanic eruptions, changes in solar radiation and swamps. When a volcano erupts it is called a volcanic eruption which releases a copious amount of dust ND debris as well as huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. When any volcano erupts it damages the land and that in turn leaves dead landscaping that will also deteriorate and release carbon dioxide into the air polluting it with gases. There are also the changes in the solar radiation from the sun.

Solar radiation is caused by sunspots and other changes to the sun’s activity which in turn can create changes in our planet’s temperature that has a direct effect on global warming. Finally there are the wetlands and swamps that release greenhouse gases such as methane that trap the sun’s eat within our atmosphere. The man made causes of the greenhouse effect on global warming include but are not limited to deforestation of the forest and rainforest’s as well as the burning of fossil fuel, like coal and natural gas, which releases greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Fossil fuels are used in various factories, industries and the various modes of transportation throughout the world. The greenhouse gases that are emitted from these various ways help in constituting air pollution. An “interesting fact on global warming show that an estimated 1/3 of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere Come from the burning fuel in cars, buses and other forms Of transportation. ” (201 1 All-recycling-facts) There are some other useful facts on global warming that all humans should be aware of in order to have a better knowledge of it.

Global warming means that it is disrupting the temperature in the ocean waters and causing the polar ice caps or and glaciers to melt faster than they should. When the glaciers are melting it can cause sea levels to raise and threaten areas of land near the coast. Glaciers are needed because they are home to wildlife and species of animals and lands that help to keep other species from entering into extinction. Without glaciers polar bears are an example of one species that could become extinct.

Global warming could also cause many plants and animals to become extinct because they cannot learn to adapt in order to survive in the warmer environment. Global warming of the climate and its changes has also brought us more extreme weather conditions in the recent years. The world has been able to see changes in the weather from more intense hurricanes that cause a tremendous amount of damage to plants and crops as well as the environment itself, to some of the worst drought conditions. Hurricanes are a good example of how the weather is affecting the climate.

And droughts are a good starter for fires. This in turn could lead to a shortage of food and crops in many parts of the world and drive the price of such food and crops higher for the consumer. Now let’s look at how the human race can help to prevent global warming by doing our part in protecting the emission of carbon dioxide into the air. The first thing humans could do to prevent global warming could be to recycle. If each human could recycle everything that they used meaning items such as glass jars and bottles, paper, plastic, aluminum (metals) and cans.

This action is able to help the environment, amount of carbon dioxide released into the air and our landfills as well. According to research done by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, “if you recycle glass, it reduces air pollution by 20% and water pollution by 50%, eventually saving 68% of energy. ” (Lad, K. (2012). By using recycled glass, better known as culled, which is the raw materials such as soda, limestone, and soda ash are conserved, and carbon dioxide emissions into the greenhouse gases are also cut down.

Looking at paper and what happens if you recycle it according to the Environmental Protection Agency if unmans continue to throw away paper and let it go into the landfills, as it just sits there and then starts to break down and decompose, it will begin to release methane gas. Methane gas is another form of greenhouse gas which is actually twenty-one times more harmful then the carbon dioxide that is usually released into the air.

Therefore, according to the Environmental Paper Network “for every eight hundred pounds of copy paper recycled, it reduces the particulates by two pounds and hazardous air pollutants by one pound. ” (Lad, K. (2012). If humans were to recycle all their plastics that they ensure and or purchase instead of sending them to the landfills it would add a longer lifespan to the landfills. Because for every one tons Of glass that is recycled it will save 16. 3 barrels of oil since glass is made from the crude oil of the earth.

This also helps to save on the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the greenhouse gas effects. Finally, when it comes to the metals such as aluminum, if recycled it can save as much as ninety percent of energy. According to Lana, “Most aluminum companies would benefit with the concept of recycling, as they can save approximately 19 million barrels of oil. This can give enough energy to supply electricity to about 18 million households for a period of one year! ” (Lad, K. (2012). Most homes produce more pollution into the air then the average car does.

This is due to the fact that appliances are not all energy saving in most homes. If humans were to use energy saving appliances it would cut back on the amount of energy that is needed from the power plants that are burning the fossil fuels in order to power the home appliances, in turn it is releasing or causing emissions into the air helping to cause carbon dioxide aiding in global warming. When inefficient appliances such as refrigerators, washing/dryer machines, hot water tanks, stoves, dishwasher and air conditioners are continued to be used in homes it is wasting energy.

Older appliances use more energy and cost more to run because it takes more fossil fuel for the power plants to run and produce the amount of energy that is needed to run the inefficient appliances. However, humans can save hundreds of pounds of carbon dioxide and hundreds of dollars per year by replacing their inefficient appliances with new energy star saving appliances. This method will also not only cut on the amount of fossil eel that power plants need to use in order to run efficiently, but also save money for the household yearly.

When energy Star appliances are used it also helps to slow down the emissions of carbon dioxide that is being released into the air and causing pollution which leads to helping with global warming. Many countries have energy star ratings on new appliances that allow you to assess the energy usage of the appliance so that as a consumer the awareness is there about the product that is being purchased. Therefore, remember to always dispose of the old appliances properly so that they are to just thrown into the landfill and not recycled.

This again has an effect on the global warming if the carbon dioxide is released from landfills. Public transportation according to the IS . S. Transportation sector “is responsible for about a third of our country’s climate-changing emissions. Globally, about 15 percent of manmade carbon dioxide comes from cars, trucks, airplanes, ships and other vehicles. ” (Unknown, Transportation and Global Warming). Less vehicles on the road means that there is going to be less smog and carbon dioxide in that is being released into the air.

When the human race utilizes he public transportation that is available that is less fossil fuels that will be needed to be produced from the Earth and that is being sent back into the greenhouse gas effect as carbon dioxide which will advance the global warming. Car pools are also another way to cut the carbon dioxide into the environment. When using recycled paper it cuts down on the air pollution as well as water pollution. The paper is not just sitting in landfills decomposing and releasing carbon dioxide into the air.

The following are some key points that explain why recycling paper is a good environment saver as well as how humans can help to stop global warming. When using recycled paper humans are saving around seventeen trees from being cut down and made into new paper. Roughly three hundred fifty pounds of limestone along with two hundred seventy-five pounds of sulfur are spared when humans use recycled paper goods. Water is another big saver if recycled paper is used. Recycled paper saves sixty thousand liters of water.

Electricity is saved by two hundred twenty-five kilowatt hours with just one ton of paper recycled. It also saves the landfills by 33 cubic yards and since paper as it decomposes releases the gas called methane, it saves the climate change from more greenhouse gas. By using the waste paper for manufacturing new paper, the release of greenhouse gases can be stopped. ” (Hills, P. (2009). Also remember to make sure that your printer paper is 100% post-consumer recycled paper, this action will save 5 lbs. Of carbon dioxide per ream of paper from being released into the air.

In closing, there are many ways that the human race, although may have helped to cause global warming, can help to prevent the continued progress of global warming. If the entire human race takes time to recycle their plastics, aluminum, glass, paper and composting of waste. When humans arches local fruits and vegetables or switch to energy saving appliances in their homes to name just a few more ways that would help to make their footprint on the environment less than what it might be now and make a positive impact on the environment by the emission of carbon into the atmosphere, which are in part responsible for global warming.

By taking these extra steps and time to help the environment with the stop of the global warming and keep the temperature of the planet at a cooler degree, it will slow the global warming process down and make the planet a better living environment for all human. Finally, by watching and cutting back on the amount of carbon that is released into the air it will help to make the greenhouse effect go into reverse and save our planet and the effects of global warming.

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