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If the damage of this cycle persists for more years the climate change will get worse. The future consequences of global warming that is in fact reflected in: greenhouse effect (which have been intensified by burning fossil fuels), higher temperatures, stronger hurricanes, stronger earthquakes, stronger tsunamis, etc, could even be irreversible. On the other hand, you can also take into account the human behavior as another factor, regarding the management of technology, like buying more commercial technology compulsively (I. . Cell phone latest fashion, latest del cars, LED us, etc). Of those, most have short durability and also generate a vicious consuming circle that in the end significantly deteriorates the environmental sustainability of the planet (I. E. Greater pollution over the air and the seas, more environmental disasters, reduce of the ozone layer, energy waste and so on). In that sense, it is human action the determining factor to keep the planet healthy by their habits, manners and uses of technology and natural resources.

However the main manufacture companies have their own business, those should change some of their internal policies like reducing their CO emissions in their factories and apply recycling methods on the raw materials that are being processed so that can contribute to the waste management. Furthermore, people and many companies need to be educated about the correct use of some technologies/ energies that could damage the environment (I. E. Gasoline, aerosols, nuclear energy, bulbs, oil, gas, fire, water, mercury, uranium, electricity, etc).

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These technologies/energies are a double-edged sword, can also benefit as harm. The key is to use them with their respective methodologies. Overall, I can conclude that there may be a balance between technology and nature, provided that the manage of the natural and technological resources and that companies, businesses, factories and other modern institutions should have a greater responsibility and socio-environmental commitment to generate clean, renewable and high durability energies.

In summary, global warming is still a threat but yet can be remedied and reverted before it reaches a point of no return. Its a matter of consciousness and responsibility between producers and consumers. As concerned citizens we must wake up about this reality and mind the most viable solutions in the short term because the nature environment also has a voice and manifests itself. The sustainable development of our planet depends on us.

Additionally, we have to consider more our planet ecologically and work together hand in hand for a better present and also for a better future for future generations. In other words, the responsible consumption is everyone’s job because the effects of global warming and climate change affect everyone, so the environment urgently needs to be healed, cared for and protected. We still have time to change. Lees take action now.

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