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Companies are expansible and rewarded for making the difference in the lives of others and for our environment. However, if global warming is not only an environmental issue, then it is also an ethical decision to be socially responsible. Objectives l. Global warming is a social responsibility. II. Global warming is ethically a social responsibility and how they are entwined with our morals and values. Ill. Corporate Social Responsibility on being green. IV. Innovation on change to make the difference. Ethics of Global Warming Global warming is an epidemic growing concern through out all the countries on planet Earth.

If we do not act social responsible for our actions the repercussions will be passed on to future generations. “Life on this planet will be gravely affected unless we embrace nevus practices, ethics, and values to guide our lives on a warming planet”. We the human population must act utilitarian to save our planet. There are scientific facts that prove the Earth’s climate changes are from the primarily use of human beings burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and natural gases are the major causes of global warming.

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Planet Earth is in need for our world to come together and spoon from our morals and values to act responsible in order to save our planet for future generations. Global warming is not only an environmental phenomenon; it is the hottest contested political issue. The ethics of global warming involves both human relationships, and the relationship with nature. The real question is who bears the burden of global warming? Who gets to decide between what is best for the human kind at the expense of nature? Believe that they both are intertwined together.

How could we as human exist without our planet? Unfortunately, morals and values have become linked to the monetary vales f being in a rich or poor country. It is a bitter irony and a grave injustice that economically developed countries that are most responsible for global warming change possess the wealth, technology, and infrastructure to cope with its negative effects, while those who have the least will have the largest burdens to bear. The world’s population must become utilitarian and act responsible to make a call for action to save our planet Earth.

Solutions to save our planet start with our own personal practices: Reuse, recycle, and reduce waste * Plant and preserve trees and native plants and choose sustainable reverted wood and wood products * Use alternative sources of energy to reduce global warming and to encourage the development Of such sources We can call upon our denominational leaders to provide: * Leadership, by calling upon the major political parties to develop energy and climate change policies and to make them central topics of debate in state, congressional, and presidential elections * Education, by providing spiritual, educational, and technical resources for congregational and individual responses * Support, by assisting congregations in evaluating and addressing the risks and challenges they face as a result of global warming

Sustainable investing, by exploring the potential for using the ownership rights of the denomination’s financial resources to positively address the global warming change crisis Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate social responsibility promotes a vision of business accountability to a wide range of stakeholders, besides shareholders and investors. Key areas of concern are environmental protection and the wellbeing of employees, the community and civil society in general, both now and in the future. Corporate Social Responsibility is now a standard part of doing business. In today’s economy being social responsible or acting green is all art of a social academic of doing good business relations. Companies are not only seen as profitable but also accountable for their environmental involvement. A common buzzword in the business industry is to “go green”or have a “green supply chain of management”.

This focus is on the green supply chain of management to follow the product from beginning to the end results Of product development. This is done to ensure there are not added waste costs and all recycling attempts are made. These new guidelines of being green not only help reduce operating cost, but also help promote sustainability within the company. A green supply chain can not only reduce an organization’s carbon footprint but also lead to reduced costs, improved reputation with customers, investors and other stakeholders and a competitive edge in the market. Corporate social responsibility under the less develop countries is the most challenging concern. These countries will feel the hardiest effects from global warming.

Countries that do boot have a strong infrastructure system, government enforcement for social responsibility, waste management facilities, or labor laws. What happens to the families or employees who work in life threatening jobs such as coal mining? Who is essentially responsible for them? Corporations sometimes are forced by community activist to adapt more social responsibility to these under developed countries such as China and Africa. Governments in developing countries must set examples as being less corrupt and incorporate clearly defined and enforceable standards in their polities for business activities. These should include the promotion of rule of law, probity and accountability for all.

Innovations of Change The most widely profound company in the world to make a difference in Global Warming and Social Responsible¶y’ is Disney. This company is the largest supporter of global innovations of going green. “The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, founded in 1995, is a key pillar in Disney efforts to protect the planet for future generations and help kids develop lifelong conservation values”. The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund grants program provides financial support for the study of wildlife, the protection of habitats and the development of community conservation and education programs in critical ecosystems around the world.

Disney is reducing its environmental impact through projects big and small, from investing in reforestation around the world to reducing our electricity consumption, they are working to help preserve the planet. Disney approach of ethical standards is an important focus on all its business practices. “Disney promotes their ethical standards by working to improve conditions at all facilities”. They also ensure safety testing and integrity to all of their products. Disney is constantly exploring new ways to reduce environmentally footprint or the supply chain. In the “Disney’s 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report” are major steps in the direction of incineration of the environment.

The long-term environmental goals outlined in the report are: * Zero waste * Zero net direct greenhouse gas emissions from fuels * Reduce indirect greenhouse gas emissions from electricity consumption * Net positive impact on ecosystems * Minimize water use * Minimize product footprint * Inform, empower and activate positive action for the environment. Therefore, Disney has set high standards when it comes to protection of environment. The interminable efforts being made for the cause of environment truly makes Disney stand apart in the crowd sending a strong incineration message. One individual cannot solve global warming. Together we must stand and all be social responsible for our planet Earth. Morally we know it is wrong to pollute our planet. It is our values that will make a difference to save Earth. As a result, now companies are more accountable for their actions through social responsibility. Their actions of becoming “green” will make an impact on our world.

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