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Global warming is defined as basically how the greenhouses gases affect the limited of the earth, which significantly effects agriculture and ecosystems (weatherboarding’s, 2011 Too much greenhouse gases have a negative effect for example higher sea levels, higher temperatures and variable climatic conditions. The main cause of greenhouse gases is the use of fossil fuels. Our usage fossil fuel is shown from the table 10. 1 by Heathery and Otter (2nd edition) that is linked to the population growth of 3. Ban to 6. 1 ban from 1970 to 2000.

Furthermore, oil, gas and coal also shows that it has increased considerably over the past thirty years. The increase in population ND the demand for consumer goods has also lead to the biggest increase in GAP (Gross Domestic Product) by 165% compared to 69% increase in population in the same period (Heathery and Otter, 2nd edition). The impact on greenhouse gases has definitely been proven with environmental monitoring showing depletion of the Ozone Layer, the Ice Cap and the increase in the earths temperature, all of these have a knock on effect of the world’s food and water supplies.

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Impacts on Governments (500 words appear. ) The government have put many declarations in place starting off with the ROI Declaration Environment and development. In 1992 the ROI declaration was introduced with 27 principles for the future sustainability and development around the globe (United Nations Environment Programmer, n. D). The government also signed an agreement with the new Agenda 21 which is a plan that the United Nations has taken globally in which humans impact on the environment (UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 2009).

Kyoto protocol (2005) creates obligatory emission reduction targets below 1990 levels but only for industrialists countries (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, n. D) Why do governments why do they need to do something about greenhouse gases Reducing allowance on fossil fuels (limited resource) Reduce reliance on unsafe energy resources (nuclear fukashema2011 , Coherently 982, Exxon valued 989)all results in death and CEO systems.

British government European commission (Emissions Trading Scheme) European Union Energy performance of Buildings Directive (ELECTED) Our government has set itself a target to reduce its co emissions to check points at 2020 and one at 2050. Climate change act 2008 (where KGB is at) CRESS climate reduction commitment energy efficiency scheme. They have introduced incentives for renewable energy (feed in tariff AT, renewable heat incentive RI. Impacts on Businesses (500 words appear. ) Global warming is always an ever- rising significance for business strategies.

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