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This makes the Earth get hotter. There are many reasons increased greenhouse gases are caused by human activity. Nowadays, heavy industry is more widespread and developed. Therefore, demands of building more industrial parks are increasing especially in developing countries where there are many work resources with low salary. Companies from developed countries give their aid to those countries and co-operate to produce their products there. For example, Vietnam has attracted many countries’ aid in the recent years. Some industrial parks were built and Japanese companies like Honda or Toyota use most of them.

The factories there and the factories Vietnam contribute to the air pollution. Carbon dioxide in smog that is produced from these factories and vehicles make the environment around them changes. In Unguent 2 addition, improvement of power plants are placed, the environment and CEO system are changed. This effects on humans’ health and lives too much. Not only that, if something wrong occurs inside the plants, they can become a nuclear bomb and destroy the environment around them. For instance, reaps we have not forgotten what happened in Fuchsia Power plant some years ago; the ecosystem surrounding the power plant was destroyed.

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Furthermore, global warming is the cause of forest fires in the most recent years. These forests were burned because the atmosphere was too high. On the other hand, some other places in the world have had experienced drought for a long time. In recent years, it has not rained in those places. Consequently, the farmers cannot work on their fields, and do not have clean water to drink. I used to watch a program that was about some Africa countries. The kids must walk about four or five kilometers to find clean water in the springs, because they have no clean water nearby. In fact, there are many arguments and analysis about the global warming.

In the movie, “An inconvenient Truth”, the former Vice President AY Gore’s views on global warming, provides an overview of the argument that recent changes in the Earth’s climate are exacerbated if not caused solely by human activity. He travels to many places to tell the story of green house gases and their affects for a long time. In his presentation, AY Gore uses the aid of charts ND graphs to show audiences how carbon dioxide levels are rising and increasing of temperature in recent decades. He creates arguments that human being particularly Americans, who contribute most to global warming and greenhouse gases in the world.

He said that humans have to take responsibility for global warming and find the method to reduce this issue through life style. In this movie, Gore shares anecdotes that inspired his Unguent 3 interest in the issue, including his college education with a climate expert, his sister’s death from lung cancer and his young son’s near-fatal car accident. Gore recalls a story from his grade-school years, where a fellow student asked his geography teacher about continental drift; in response, the teacher called the concept the “most ridiculous thing that he ever heard. Gore ties this conclusion to the assumption that “the Earth is so big; We can’t possibly have any lasting, harmful impact on the Earth’s environment. ” For comic effect, Gore uses a clip from the Futurism episode “Crimes of the Hot” to describe the greenhouse effect. Gore refers to his loss to George W. Bush in the 2000 United States presidential election as a ‘hard blow” yet one which abstinently “brought into clear focus, the mission [he] had been pursuing for all these years. In the essay “Tilling a New World”, environmentalist Bill McKinney argues that the danger of increasing carbon dioxide levels in the Earth’s atmosphere are directly related to unrestrained economic growth. According to Bill McKinney, the United States will produce 20% more greenhouse gases in 2020 than they did in 2000. As he stated, society has improved too fast. Even though life is better, the economic and house is enormous, the carbon dioxide is increased. I agree with him because Hough the development of the economy is the cause of increasing carbon dioxide in the environment.

This is very horrible for humans’ health and the ecosystems of the earth. What should we do to reduce global warming? I have thought about some things that we can do. The first challenge is to eliminate the burning of coal, oil, and, finally, natural gas. This is probably the most difficult challenges that residents of richer nations literally eat, wear, work, play and even sleep on the products made from fossil sunlight so. Moreover, citizens of developing actions want and deserve the same amenities, but largely due to the energy stored Unguent 4 in the fuel so.

Other solution is changing humans’ sense about protecting the environment. We can try to distinguish recycle and reusable waste. Something we use again some more times. Furthermore, we have to put waste into the correct wastebasket, so it can keep environment clean. In addition, persuading people stop destroying forests, start growing them again, and use the energy that close with environment. Another method is that humans should use products that work with solar power. Many products ark by this type of energy. Thus, we should improve this and make it more popular.

The easiest way to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions is simply to buy less stuff. Whether by forgoing an automobile or employing a reusable grocery sack, cutting back on consumption results in fewer fossil fuels being burned to extract, produce and ship products around the globe. To conclude, global warming has very bad effects with the environment and humans. It can be the cause of natural disasters such as fire or drought. There are many methods to help humans reduce this issue. Therefore, we can use them and Indo which we can do to contribute, protect our Earth.

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