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A lot of times global warming is referred to as climate change. Greenhouse gases are the main cause of global warming due to human activity. Contributors to the rise of greenhouse gases released into the air causing global warming include burning oil and gas to power automobiles, machinery, and heat/energy. These are all due to human activity on a daily basis. Continued global warming which can lead to flooding which can lead to more mosquitoes and disease carrying insects which can affect humans adversely such as a rise in diseases that are deadly to humans.

Human activities have a huge impact on global warming. Human activities that cause global warming include farming, deforestation, the burning of fossil fuels (power plants), automobiles we drive every day, and the increased use of chemical fertilizers on crops. Scientist’s state that vehicles we drive daily contribute to about a quarter of the yearly U. S. ‘s carbon dioxide releasing in the environment. (Union of Concerned Scientists 2012) This is one of the highest percentages out of all but three other states. Human activities impact lobar warming in the amounts of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere.

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Carbon dioxide is released from the burning of fossil fuel from power plants and transportation vehicles release the same. Deforestation in which trees are cut down or cleared in a forest to turn into a farm or non forest use also impacts global warming. The use of chemical fertilizers releases nitrous oxide that impacts global warming. When possible humans should use organic fertilizers or pesticides. As an individual there are many ways to help reduce my contributing to global warming. An easy thing to do is to recycle everything and plant tress either at home or the community.

As well as using alternative fuels, or even investing in a hybrid automobile. Also buy Energy Star appliances, these appliances use less gas or electricity. Other ways include planting a garden using natural fertilizers and pesticides, using solar lighting and energy saving compact fluorescent light bulbs in my home. Carpooling with co-workers could help limit the burning of gas and fossil fuel from my car each week and bike riding to the store can also help the atmosphere by releasing less carbon dioxide into the air.

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