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Global warming is a direct result of human activities on this planet. Our species have inhabited this planet for thousands of years but only since the sass’s have scientists been able to measure the changes that we have induced on earth. It is estimated that temperatures have risen globally by about 0. 9 degrees Fahrenheit, which may seem minor, but have caused physical changes on the planet (and potentially dangerous ones in the future). The “greenhouse effect” is a term many politicians, scientists and individuals know worldwide which is the primary reason on rising temperatures.

This effect is when short XIV energy rays omitted by the sun enter the earth’s atmosphere and the majority of them bounce back out into space, but the infrared energy waves get trapped by the greenhouse gases, and this results in a rise Of global temperature. There are many greenhouse gases but the two major contributors to the greenhouse effect are carbon dioxide and methane. It has been estimated that since 1900 these two gases have increased by an incredible 25% due to human activities on the planet.

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The greenhouse effect will change earth’s climate conditions and not only effect the human race but also many in the animal kingdom. With the warmer climate there will be alterations in ocean circulation and global air. These changes will either cool or warm up regions around the globe; the U. S has already seen higher temperatures which has caused an increase in precipitation levels in the country. Instead of being evenly divided throughout the year, this change has caused flash floods in some regions and droughts in others.

The change in the temperature means that the climate will become more volatile, making life more difficult in all parts of the world. This article relates to our in-class discussions because we not only discussed global climate changes in lectures but also talked about the “greenhouse effect” and its potential to change environments. In the article it mentions that a rise in temperatures has already affected some species of both animal and plant. The source says that the “checkers butterfly’ is now being found closer to the poles, about 92 km, since the earlier twentieth century.

Also it mentions that certain species of mountain plants have also taken to higher elevation due to the constant increase in temperatures. Furthermore, many insects are migrating north due to a warmer climate, and from what we have discussed in lecture this will mean a change in some (if not most) of the species to which these particular species are moving in with. In addition, not only are some species of plant/animal are changing their locations, but also certain species are changing their breeding patterns as well. Oak and birch trees are leafing weeks earlier as well as some frog species are laying eggs 2-3 weeks earlier.

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