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Global Warming Global warming is an important issue in our society that a lot of people should be interested In as it will affect our lives for the rest of our life. How many of you already feel very warm in this room/hall? What if tell you that in another 40 years, the temperature outside will be so hot it will feel like a baking bun inside an oven. This will be the exact situation that we’ll be in if we don’t stop it. Global warming literally means that the Earth’s average temperature is rising.

Statistics show that that the Earth’s global temperature s rising in an alarming rate. The rise in temperature is caused by the increase emission of greenhouse gases produced by humans. As students in the class today, we can play an important part in stopping global warming by following these two important ways to reduce emission of Green House gases. 1. Switch off lights and all electrical appliances in any house/room. This saves electricity which in turn reduces the burning of fossil fuels. Not only can we save the Earth, but we can save money is well. . Most schools would have his, the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle program. It is an important cycle for people to take part in, and it is very easy and uses no effort. In and out of school everyone should take contribute and will be beneficial in the long term.

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