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Some scientists think this is the main cause of global warming, but a great majority of them think that it is the humans fault for pumping the atmosphere full of green hose gases. Arguments still go on, but a large team of scientists from around the world was asked to look at all the data and draw a conclusion. In November 2007 they reported: “Most of the increase in global temperature since the mid-20th century is very likely due to the increase of greenhouse gases. ” The scientists stated that they were about 90% sure, but there is still a possibility that global warming is caused naturally. What are greenhouse gases?

In the world there are many gases that tribute to the greenhouse effect. The 4 major ones are Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous oxide and surprisingly water vapor. Carbon dioxide is probe fly the most common of all greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide is also the gas that worries people the most. This is because carbon dioxide is produced in large amounts by humans. The main cause of carbon dioxide is burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas. We need fossil fuels to power our cars as they can be turned into petrol and diesel. A commonly known fact is that trees take in carbon dioxide and turn it onto oxygen.

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This is true but, the numbers of square kilometers of forest is also declining rapidly due to heavy deforestation. In conclusion deforestation also contributes to global warming. The level of carbon dioxide has risen dramatically since the industrial revolution, over 200 years ago. The amount of carbon dioxide in the air is larger than ever, and mostly humans are to blame. What is the greenhouse effect? The greenhouse effect is a scientific term that describes the heating of the earth. The whole concept of the greenhouse effect is fairly simple: The sun ends out solar radiation which travel through space and reach the earth.

Some radiation it reflected back into space by the atmosphere but most passes through to the earth. The heat is then absorbed by the earth and some of it heats the air. Later the heat is radiated back from the earth and into space. In attempt to leave the earth’s atmosphere the heat is trapped by greenhouse gases so they can’t leave the atmosphere. The heat remains near the earth and so slowly but surely begin to heat it up. How does Global Warming effect the environment? The main effect of global warming on the environment is of course that the earth’s temperature is starting to rise.

This may be the main effect but there are still many others. Ice in the Arctic and Antarctic will start to melt due to the increase of temperature. The water from the arctic and Antarctic will contribute to the many gallons of water in the ocean which will cause the sea level to rise. This may cause many floods. Some scientists even predict that some islands will sink into the depths Of the ocean. Also other flat land may disappear for example Bangladesh which is mostly low, flat land. Also In some countries it might start raining more and in others less.

This could mean that different plants could spread throughout the world, which couldn’t grow there due to it being too hot, too cold, too wet or too dry. Also, scientists predict that many animal species may die out, and many new ones might appear. People will have to flee from areas that are too dry to live in or areas that are flooded. That means that in countries in Europe and America, there will be lots more refugees. Also, one day all fossil fuels will run out. When there is only a little left, some large nations like America, Russia or China might want to claim it. This could mean war. Maybe even a 3rd world War.

But even if one of these nations claims the last fossil fuels, they will run out one day. Humans will have to learn how to live without electricity or we have to find a different energy resource like solar or wind energy. The problem with these energy sources is that they do not produce as much energy as fossil fuels. Of course there is nuclear power but that is highly radioactive and very dangerous. In conclusion, if global warming continues, bad things will happen, but if they will happen depends mostly on human decisions. What can we do to stop Global Warming? We can’t entirely stop Global Warming.

Even if from today to tomorrow we would completely stop driving cars and chopping down trees, there are many other natural factors that contribute to global warming. Even though we can’t completely Stop global warming, there are many things we can do to slow it down. The major thing of course, is to not drive cars so much. Instead of driving to your destination, try walking or riding the bicycle. It is echo- friendly and a great workout. If the destination is too far to walk or cycle, it is more echo-friendly to take a bus than drive. Secondly, a great way of reducing your energy use is to install solar panels on the roof.

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