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People re thinking that this is go Eng to be a serious problem. C. Focus statement This is about how this is affecting us and what is happening because of this situation. II Body a. Who, what, where, what, how did the incident happen? On 2008, There was the first algae alert in the Han river. After that, the Palling Lake in Gonging had another alert in July 27. This algae problem is allowing many fish to die, so the food web in the water is falling apart. On Thursday, the algae reached the upper part of the Nanking river.

Experts thinks that if this keeps happening, the water we drink would get less safer or us to drink it. B. Why did it happen? Environmental groups claim that this situation is caused by the governments four-rivers mega project because the water flow has turned slower and there was more time for the algae to form. The government claims that it is because of the high temperature and the four river mega project would clean the water. C. Who is the most affected? Why is this important for all of us? The people who use water by the Han river is most affected because the water is becoming less safer to use the water.

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Ill. Conclusion a. Personal opinion think this serious problem is caused by the four river mega project because I agree with what the Environmental groups think. Also I think this is because of no rain for a long time. B. Last thought was relived to see a newspaper that the algae problem has disappeared from the rain. I wish this would remain the same even though time passed.

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