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Natural Causes V. Man-made items Fictional and Facts about Global Warming Is Global Warming really true? Myths Truths Conclusion For the past decade global warming has been a very big issue among the Congress, Senators and President. Global warming tends to have a dramatic impression on the weather. What this means is places that normally do not see snow in the winter are now having white Christmas. To have a better understanding first you must understand the definition of global warming. Global warming is an increase in the earth’s surface temperature caused by tartar or even humanly ways that are destroying the plant as well.

The greenhouse effect is understood by the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere that are leading to a big increase of thermal radiation near our surface. The greenhouse effect too many scientists all have been in agreeing that the rising temperature from global warming. Another effect from the global warming is the Arctic ice cap. The polar ice cap has melted more than 30,000 square miles since the last reading which was in 2007. The region is currently being affected by the constant changing temperatures which accompany the alarm cap melting.

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There are many skeptics that simply cannot agree on the cause of the relationship of the rapid melting. Now one thing is for sure that there is a major problem and it does not seem to be ending. Side Effects of Global Warming Global warming is an epidemic in which there are various side effects that may either be changed over time or leave room for no change at all. There are various side effects in which global warming is contributed too. These changes include the thawing of frozen areas both above and below ground, land changes to include mountainous and seas, enrapture, environmental and weather changes.

The impact of global warming upon the environment is one in which many changes occur over long periods of time. The changes which have occurred are changes which have taken years to reach the levels of today’s time. The long term effects of global warming have greatly impacted the weather in terms of the unpredictability seen today. The effect which has led to greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide and methane buildup within the atmosphere and creates higher temperatures by trapping the suns heat (Traumatic, 2012). The hawing which is occurring both above and below ground are impacts in which global warming is contributing.

The milder winters in which temperatures have risen over the years has created the inability of regions such as the Artic to maintain the frozen lands as years Of the past. The melting which is occurring underground has created changes within land forms. This is due to how land that normally in the winter is frozen is impacted by the warmer temperature changes. These changes have an effect on crops, plants, and how carbon monoxide is exchanged (Bruit, 2004). The impact of such changes to mountainous areas for example creates changes which may result in landslides.

The permafrost resulting from climate warming creates episodes of ice glaciers breaking away. There are various man made causes which has greatly contributed to the global warming epidemic. According to Thumb (2000), the burning of fossil fuels has greatly impacted and contributed to the greenhouse gas emissions. The use of power plants and automobiles has a great impact on the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the environment. The burning of fossil fuels leases such gases into the environment. This includes the use of gasoline and oils which must be disposed of, and while in use contribute to the greenhouse effects.

Farming is another element which contributes by the amount of carbon monoxide, methane and nitrous oxide which is released into the environment as well. Natural episodes of climate change occur and cause changes but the effects are different from the impacts of today’s influences. Changes naturally Occur within the Earth, which impact the Earth’s climate naturally without other influences. These include changes from solar energy, in which the Earth absorbs the suns energy. This can be detailed with changes to the Earths reflectivity of the atmosphere and surface (EPA 2013).

Other natural contributors include volcanic activity, and natural changes in greenhouse gases. These changes have naturally created changes up until the introduction of the industrial age which has since contributed to the overflow of greenhouse gas effect within the Earth’s climate changes. Global warming is a discussion in which there are different opinions as to the existence. Though the Earth has a natural sense of global warming in which occurs durably, the question of whether man has interference within this realm is raised.

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