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The actual readings show a global warming of around 0. 6 agrees Celsius over the entire 20th century. Furthermore, any micro change in the temperature can generate severe weather conditions like rain and tornados also, some areas may experiment extreme heat waves that could derivate in death by dehydration. Other contributors for the changes in temperature are the greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are naturally generated by solid waste in the form of methane gas. The human generated ones that comes from automobile exhausts and heaters from homes including factories wastes.

Although, greenhouse gases are mainly natural the real problem resides in the excess of this gases overheating the planet. With the change in temperature previously indicated, there is a second effect of global warming, glacier retreat. Places traditionally known by snow or cold weathers now report less amounts of snow and a rise in temperature for example, in the Chambermaid volcano, Ecuador, the snow of the glacier is retreating at a rate of 0. 5 meters each year also Antarctica reported to have the warmest year in all history.

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Remember that most of the water for human consumption comes from the glaciers, when they melt over controlled conditions the water resulted from the melting goes to rivers. Moreover, if the elating continues and the glacier disappears there is a good chance that there will be no more water to drink. Continuing with the effects of global warming and as a result of the previous two appears the rise of the sea levels. At this moment the sea levels increase in a ratio of 1. Mm to 2. Mm per year and the predictions indicate that this ratio is increasing rapidly to 3. Mm per year. If the tendency continues most of the major cities located near the coast are on the risk of disappearing by the water. The two factors that lead to the increased levels in sea are, the first Herman expansion: as oceans water warms it expands and second each year enormous blocks of ice, talking about in some cases of kilometers of ice, from the poles melt into the sea as a result of the increased temperatures provoking the rise in water levels.

In conclusion, global warming effects are related in a chain reaction. So, because of the extreme temperature changes people could die and, the glaciers and poles experiment an enormous reduction. Also, because of the first two effects the level of the oceans begins to rise. The future or our civilization depends on how these effects are addressed, because of what it is important to reduce the consumption of gas or oil for heating houses, keep our vehicles in good conditions to reduce greenhouse gases, better if the bicycle is used instead of the car.

I hope our nations and citizens make conscience about this threat to our lives and begin to work together in solutions to the problem. L. Introduction This imaginary picture is not too far from the truth. This essay will discuss the waves, glacier retreat and sea level rises. II. Body A. Dramatic increase of temperature all over the globe. Warming of around 0. 6 degrees Celsius. 1. Global a. Micro changes on weather generate severe weather conditions. . Death by dehydration. 2. Green house gases increasing in the atmosphere. C.

Methane gases generated naturally. D. Gases generated by humans especially from vehicles. Retreat. 3. Raised temperature. B. Glacier e. Regions report less amounts of snow and higher temperatures. F. Chambermaid volcano in Ecuador reports a retreat of glaciers of 0. 5 meters per year. G. Antarctica reported to have the warmest year in all history. 4. Water for human consumption comes from the glaciers h. The water at regular melting rates goes to the rivers I. If the glaciers disappear there will not be more water for consumption. C.

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