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Abrasion’s charismatic personality attracts mass ammonium of media attention which has helped to publicist the company further. Brannon has been able to create an empire over an extremely diverse range of industries. From a record company to mobile phones, the entire enterprise?± is based around luxury and enjoyment, with an exciting airline that customs enjoying flying on and where staff are proud to be a part of the Virgin team. This group report examinations the internal and external environments of Virgin Atlantic and seeks to divulge into the fundamental factors aiding the company to be so SUccessfUl.

A lot of research has been ascertained in order to obtain a full picture of this charismatic airline and to have a full understanding of their hierarchy. 2. Introduction In today’s globalizes world it is known that in order for a company to be successful within the airline industry and to compete with larger and more lucrative airlines, a constant focus on innovation as well as the ability to modify strategies and management practices is fundamental.

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