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250 years ago, only the UK’s richest families could afford to go aboard for their holidays as the more days the person went away from his/her work they would not be able to earn any money so they would be in loss. In 1871 bank holidays (they were called bank holidays as the banks were closed on those days so no trading could take place) were enacted as a law; this was due to the industrial revolution.These holidays were without pay which meant people didn’t get paid while they were on holiday but this was only the start of tourism. On 29 June 1938 the law was enacted, “An Act to enable wage regulating authorities to make provision for holidays and holiday remuneration for workers whose wages the regulate, and to enable the Minister of Labour to assist voluntary schemes for securing holidays with pay for workers in any industry” thus meaning every worker get to have a certain amount of holidays per year and they still get money if as if they were working. Additional to tat they also get bank holidays.Another reason was it took a lot longer for tourist to reach their destination than it takes us now for example let assume someone wants to go Spain from the UK. It is only going to him two hours to reach his destination as before the 20th century it would take around two to three weeks to reach Spain. And it is also cheaper now than before as technology as there is a lot more advance. Tourist numbers have also increased as larger aircraft in the 1980s brought prices of air travel down. Tourism is also more important as people love seeing the world as they get paid vacations and they don’t like staying at their homes all the time.A package holiday is a pre arranged package for tourist. A holiday which you put together yourself is not regarded as a package holiday. For it to be a holiday package should also be through a travel package, holidays package a as “Package holidays and travel trade act, 1995”. It’s sold at an inclusive price, must last for a period of at least 24 hours or includes an overnight stay. It must include travel accommodation and a tourist service or activity that is not directly linked to transport or accommodation, but makes up a significant part of the cost and package and is organized by the package organizers i.e. it could a some sort of sport, hiking. Package holidays are popular as they allow travellers to book their flights; airport connections and accommodation in one go and this saves their time. They can also chose from a large range of package holiday the one which suits them according to i.e. price, attraction they want visit, airline, etc…Sustainable tourism by definition from the Center for sustainable tourism at east Carolina university is “actions that contribute to a balanced and healthy economy by generating tourism-related jobs, revenues, and taxes while protecting and enhancing the destination’s socio-cultural, historical, natural and built resources for the enjoyment and well-being of both residents and visitors.” There’re many main criteria’s some more important than others. Some examples are:1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management and ReductionFor tourism to take place people need transportation and there are three types of transportation available by air, by road or by water all of these transportations use and engine a release a large amount of Greenhouse Gas and we also use non renewable resources. You can reduce green house gas by traveling in a eco-friendly power vehicle as a solar power boat.2. Solid Waste Management, Reduction, Reuse, and RecyclingBy minimizing the amount of solid waste that goes to landfills and incinerators, you can reduce negative environmental impacts. Most importantly, minimizing waste and recycling it will limit the amount of greenhouse gases that are released throughout a product’s life cycle of extraction, manufacturing, selling, use and disposal.3. Water Consumption ReductionWater consumption should be reduced as we destroy the ecosystem. Not only but also freshwater. Freshwater is becoming more and more scarce through out the world so if we try not4. Ecosystem and Biodiversity ConservationOur actions affect our ecosystems and biodiversity. Biodiversity provides us with life-sustaining systems such as clean air, productive ecosystems, fresh water, and fertile soil. Ecosystem and biodiversity conservation helps to maintain the ecological balance of the planet.5. Preserving the Social Norms and Cultures of Local and Indigenous CommunitiesSocio-cultural sustainability can only be achieved when businesses make an intensive effort to work with local people to maintain and protect their social structures as well as their cultures of the local communities.6. Providing Economic Benefits to Local and Indigenous CommunitiesEconomic Benefits to locals can only be reached if the business in the area allows the locals to work in the place with fair payment and the products in the business should also be bought from the locals so they could earn a fair amount form your business and so they don’t go bankrupt.7. Training and Education for Employees and ClientsIf you educate your clients and your employees and give them reasons for your action of being sustainable they will learn and eventually they will all known what to do to become more sustainable.An example of sustainability is the territory of the Cinque Terra located on the coast of northeastern Italy which they have established a sustainable tourism project to protect the culture, heritage and environment. Cinque Terra is famous for the five villages that are accessible only by train or trail: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggore; however the large number of tourists has a significant impact on the sustainability of the region. The region was recognized as a National Park in 1999. The sustainable tourism project has established an Environmental Quality Brand for accommodation facilities, a cinque terra card, and guidelines for tourists and public information about conservation.In order to control tourist numbers, a Cinque Terra Card is provided which includes access to all paths, nature observations centres, botanic paths, picnic areas, and bird watching areas. Tourists exploring the region can purchase a 1, 3 or 7-day card which also provides unlimited access to the train and bus between villages. The fee goes to protect the trails, marine and national park and maps, train and ferry times as well as a list of main business sectors participating in the scheme are accommodations which implement energy and water saving techniques as well as the purchase of local produce, recycling and using sustainable transport. This technique is useful as it give the locals an option about if they want to join the tourist industry business or not.

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