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Although there are not many forces of chaos that God must confront in the world in which he created, disorder still exists in these chapter of Genesis. In Genesis 1 God first creates light and day, or night and darkness. God then created the ground or “firmament” and then separated the waters from the ground. He called this the earth and the sea’s. God then made the light of the firmament of heaven, or the “moon”. Next God created the creatures of the sea, those who flew in the air and finally those who crawled upon the earth. God then made man to rule over the land and afterwards made woman out of a rib of the man.

At first God’s world maintains order because of the obedience of Adam and Eve. They do not eat from the tree of knowledge and do not know of good and evil. The serpent tempts Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge and she shares the fruit with Adam and they then become aware of good and evil. God is always watching over Adam and Eve and when he comes back to the garden he finds out that they have disobeyed him and must be punished. God’s punishment is his way of making order in the world. God is also needed later in Genesis when Cain slays Abel and must be punished for his deed.

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From then on God is needed to keep stability in the world he created by punishing the evil acts of man. In Genesis 2-4 the stable order of God’s world disappears when Eve eats from the tree of knowledge and invites evil into the world. The order of creation is not messed up because of the faults of Adam and Eve and Cain, although the forces of chaos and disorder begin to cover the earth because of Adam and Eves mistakes by allowing man to be corrupt. The hierarchy of the world is still maintained because man must obey God or fall to the punishment of him.

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