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God said ” Lashkar-e-Taiba there be ” and he started organizing and make fulling the Eden and the Earth. The words spoken must hold sounded like a powerful vocal from the Authors oral cavity. God created a garden for himself were his spirit can travel among his creative activity. Man was his nucleuss in the creationist vocal and the adult male even breathed the same air as his God. He called adult male Adam and gave him the duty to call his animate beings “ all that I created ” God said. Adam was placed in the garden and God made him a married woman to assist him in the garden and he commanded them to multiply. All were beautiful and peaceable as God and adult male had a personal relationship in the garden until the beat of the vocal was broken.

2.1 The one and merely Author of creative activity is a preexistent all powerful God ; He spoke a word and his space cognition, wisdom and omnipotence merely came to populate. As a Godhead he besides controls everything we see and do n’t see. Through his voice he started to make order and peace. God made everything for his enjoyment and as he created everything he took a minute and looked and said “ it is good ” . God is glorious and everything he creates is an flood of his ain beauty. He is a lovingness and personal God as his spirit ever moved through his creative activity. As adult male sinned God ‘s true individuality came out in the signifier of righteousness ; grace ; love ; forbearance and a merciful God. God ‘s will is that property of God whereby he approves and determines to convey about every action necessary for the being and activity of himself and all creative activity.[ 1 ]

2.2 Unfortunately in today ‘s society it is non merely Satan that subtracts the truth about our God or blinds the people but besides so called faiths of the universe that have a entire different worldview than the Christian worldview. Muslims believe in a God that is really powerful but besides really impersonal. Muslims besides believe their God is so distant that any relationship with him is impossible. This is a entire different universe position from the God in Genesis1-3. In the universe today there are other doctrines of disbelievers such as philistinism ( no God believe ) ; Pantheism ( who believe evil portion of God ) ; Dualism ( both evil and God force in existence ) . Christians should procure their World position in the God we mentioned in 2.1 and non acquire distracted by other universe positions.

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3. Creation

3.1 Not merely through adult male can the glorification of God been seen but besides through his creative activity. Creation reflects everything about God in the signifier of cognition we see twenty-four hours and dark, wisdom to make everything different. By dividing the land from the oceans is cogent evidence of his flawlessness. Light testify or represents that the universe is dependent upon God. God besides looked at creative activity and said it was good indicating it was besides created for his ain glorification. God ‘s material creative activity show God ‘s originative side to the extreme as forms ; motion and sounds come to populate conveying us back to an Author composition of a vocal. When we look and listen to nature we can hear the voice of God and bask his luster. Most imported God created the universe out of free will and he did non make it to hold more glorification than he already has within the three.

3.2 But even through all this beauty there are besides onslaughts that God did non make the existence as modern scientific discipline supports on hammering the Bible. We should understand that the Bible is non a scientific discipline book and it is at that place to cover with Religion and ethical affairs. Similarly, we should near the survey of Scripture thirstily and with assurance that, when justly understood, Scripture will ne’er belie facts in the natural universe[ 2 ]Some theories are inconsistent with Bible such as ; secular theories ( believing there is no god involve in creative activity ) ; theistic development ( God guided the development to put him ) . Macro development ( little developments in one species ) . Gap theory ( God made an earlier creative activity ) . No affair what scientific discipline say, God created heaven and Earth in a six twenty-four hours clip period.

4. Man

4.1 God created Adam and Eve to his Image and his similitude. He breathes life into them and he blessed them. He constructed them with a organic structure, Spirit and Soul. After he had created them he spoke his approval over them. They were the bosom of his creative activity and their intent was to be the representatives of God in Creation. God gave adult male a undertaking to carry through in calling his whole creative activity demoing that adult male was intelligent and responsible, this would put him above the remainder of creative activity. Besides as the image carriers of God worlds are to govern the Earth under God ‘s authorization. Adam and Eve separated by Gender and their functions were clearly distinguishable, but they needed to function one another. God commanded Man to multiply and non eat of the tree in the center of the Garden. This besides indicates adult male understanding in following the direction. Man is wholly depended on God for life and approvals and in return work forces obey and serve God. Proven that there is a relationship between adult male and his God or at least meant to be.

4.2 Many evolutionists believe we involved from nil. They want everybody to believe we evolved from nil into single-celled animate beings and so up a zoological concatenation to affect into homosapiens. This position is logically and scientifically impossible. The scientist first jurisprudence of thermodynamics Tells us that affair ca n’t be created or destroyed by natural causes. How can something so get down from nil? This Question asked to an honorable scientist he/she will acknowledge that their beliefs involve as much religion and guess as the mean creationist. Humans affecting from Apes in the sense that the lower of species could affect into the following higher degree are non yet wholly proved.

5. Sin

5.1 God told adult male non to eat from the tree of good and evil. This was a compact between God and Man and does non intend God is the Writer of wickedness. The snake came and deceived Adam and Eve in alluring them to eat the out fruit, making rebellion against God which is a wickedness. As the fruit did non trouble oneself adult male before the snake came it is proof that God allowed the wickedness to go on but the wickedness was greated by the enticement of the evil 1. Man was spiritually separated from God and without a God connexion they died within them self ‘s. They felt entirely and bare and seek to conceal from God. The expletive leaded to them being enslaved to iniquitous carvings. They felt their penalty when they were cast in the wilderness and all entirely without their Godhead. God cut them of the tree of unrecorded. God told the snake that in the hereafter his caput will be crushed by a Jesus.

5.2 As we read on in the book of Genesis we find that slaying, colza, disease, inebriation, and decease were farther consequences of the wickedness of Adam and Eve. And the universe in which we live today is baffled and mussy because of their original wickedness.[ 3 ]The gentile universes of disbelievers do n’t see anything as a wickedness but more a jurisprudence. It ‘s more about if u get caught and locked up no religious connexion to transgress. Muslim states once more still take wickedness earnestly and corporate penalty is given by lapidating and decapitation.

6. Decision

Genesis sets forth a personal God as the ultimate world. He is the root and beginnings of all that exists[ 4 ]He greated a purposeful existence for his enjoyment. There is a significance and intent to human unrecorded as he is image carriers of God and represents him on Earth. If we except Christ as our savior our expletive is broken. Having a Biblical Worldview and believing in God ‘s Grace and Mercy we could yet once more be in the Composer ‘s vocal. Even as we live today a clear apprehension of Gen 1-3 will help us to non give in to strong enticements and non give to the false instruction against the Christian believe system.

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