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For my subject, I’ve chosen to make a general comparison between the ‘Candie Gardens’ and ‘Cambridge Park’. This will include,* The facilities that people use* The type of people that make use of these facilities (age etc)* The amounts of people that make use of these facilities* The transport links to and surrounding the areas* The traffic to and surrounding the areas* The amounts of parking spaces in or around the areas* What other communities may use the areas’ e.g. schoolsAccording to these comparison subjects, I have written a series of hypotheses,* The activities of both areas will be different* The landscape/plants will be different* People using Candie Gardens will be older* Candie Gardens will have more tourists* Cambridge Park will be more popular* Both areas will be used by schools* There will be more public transport around Cambridge park* There will be more traffic around Cambridge park* There will be more parking at Cambridge park* There will be more services around Cambridge park* There will be more residencies around Cambridge parkSafety: To ensure maximum safety, all observations will be made in the day and when approaching people to do a questionnaire for example, ‘Stranger Danger’ will be taken into account and also only done when other people are around. The park and Candie Gardens are both in relatively open spaces, around main roads and popular areas so they are relatively safe places.If I come across a road that I may have to cross, the ‘Stop, Look and Listen’ rule will also be applied, as well as only crossing at safe places, zebra crossings or traffic lights when possible or just the most sensible place to cross, i.e. not on a corner.To carry out any traffic surveys I’ll most likely also have someone with me, mainly to ensure accurate results.The two sites are also within walking distance from my house so safe to get to and also back from.Data collection: Mainly my own observations but also my questionnaire and any traffic surveys or information gained from talking to the Bus terminus about transport for instance.Observations: The land use and its quality. The traffic, transport and parking around the sites. The sites popularity and what kind of people it attracts.Equipment: Pen, paper, camera and clipboard, also questionnaire.Measurements: Except from tallying traffic, none.Possible title:1. What is your age?Under 2020 – 4545 – 6565+2. Are you local to Guernsey?YesNo(ii) If you are or were local to Guernsey as a school pupil, did you come here with your school?YesNo3. How did you travel here?Car/Motorbike/ScooterWalk/CyclePublic TransportOther(ii) If you used public transport, did you find it very direct?Yes (dropped very near destination)No (poor route and drop off stop)(iii) If you travelled by car/motorbike/scooter, where did you park?Car park/Spaces within groundsStreet/residency parkingOther4. What facilities do you make use of here?Leisure centre OR MuseumPlaying fields/Playground Priaulx LibrarySkateboard ramps GardensOther OtherTraffic ; Transport* More traffic around CambridgeAt a set time and date, a friend and I will tally the cars at X minute intervals on a sheet. We will be standing at two different points, one on the main road that goes by Cambridge and the other at the main road alongside Candie. This will be done twice in the day, once at a normal time (11 am) and once again at a rush hour (5pm or 3pm). I will then make a comparison of the data.* More public transport around Cambridge.Make a note of any bus stops or taxi ranks that I know of or see around Candie or Cambridge, and possibly contact the bus terminus to find out about bus route and school bus routes around both areas, then compare the two.* More Parking in/around CambridgeEstimate the amount of spaces in each car park in Cambridge, estimate the amount around and add them up for a rough figure, repeat with Candie and then compare.People* People using Candie will be olderThis is included on my questionnaire, 50 copies will go to each site, and then a comparison shall be made.* Cambridge Park will be more popularI haven’t yet thought of a good way to measure this, possibly tally it; if I were to tally this I would include those who used the Candie gardens, Cambridge playground and park, but not the other services.* Candy will have more touristsThis is also mentioned in the questionnaire so no other measurements are required.* More residencies around CambridgeNo way to measure this thought of but possibly a tally or estimation based on the roads directly around the two sites only.Services* There will be more services around Cambridge parkThe nearest garage and shops will be mentioned, the two sites are close to each other so this may be more equal.* The activities the sites offer will be differentCheck what the sites do offer, I already know that Candie has a museum and library and gardens, and that Cambridge has the leisure centre, so it’s a matter of seeing what else.* More schools will use CambridgePossibly contact the environment department to enquire about Cambridge but will probably be able to ask staff at Candie.* The landscape/plants will be differentI have a Guernsey guide to local plants etc but photos may be more useful.Data representationI’ll be using a series of charts and graphs to show my data.A pie chart would probably be appropriate for representing travel, whilst bar charts would be adequate to represent traffic, population and used services. A graph may be appropriate to show age of those who visit each site, an average of which will also be made.ExamplesI was also going to make a land use diagram but I’m not sure I’ll be able to do one unless it’s estimated, but I think that it will be a good idea.An alternative to this is to just use pictures, land use can still be compared this way and rough estimations can be noted, it may also be a lot simpler to do.

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