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Explain the goals of international financial management. Give complete explanation on Gold Standard 1876-1913. List down the advantages and disadvantages of Gold Standard. [Goals of international financial management Introduction of Gold Standard Advantages and disadvantages] 2. Give an Introduction on capital account with Its sub-categories.

Discuss about UAPITA account convertibility. [Introduction on capital account Sub-categories on capital account Explanation on Capital account convertibility] 3. Explain the concept of Swap. Write down its features and various types of interest rate swap. [Introduction of Swap Features of swap Various types of interest rate swap] 4. Elaborate on measuring exchange rate movements. Explain the factors that influence exchange rates. [Measuring exchange rate movement- Introduction Interest rate differentials Focus on demand supply model Economic factors Political conditions] 5.

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Write short notes on: International Credit Markets International Bond Markets [International Credit Markets International Bond Markets] 6. Country risk is the risk of investing in a country, where a change in the business environment adversely affects the profit or the value of the assets in a specific country. Explain the country risk factors and assessment of risk factors. [Introduction of country risk factors Explanation of assessment of risk factors] 180011- International Marketing 1 . Discuss the different management orientations of a company.

How does it affect international marketing? Management orientations Effect on international marketing] 2. It is very important to analyze the politico- legal environment of a country in international business. Comment. [Discuss the statement] 3. Compare GOAT and WTFO and discuss the implications of WTFO on international marketing. [Comparison Implications of WTFO] 4. Nestle is marketing bottled water to Pakistan. Which segmentation it adopts there and what are the other international market segmentations? Nestles segmentation Bases of segmentation] a) International packaging b) International logistics planning a) role and problems with packaging b) meaning and components of logistics] 6. Select a product of your choice for export and explain how you will do the pricing and costing of that product. [Choosing the product Export pricing and costing] 180012 – Management of Multinational Corporations 1 . Macro environmental forces are uncontrollable as compared to micro forces. Discuss how they impact international business? [Different environments and their impact].

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