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The largest for-profit entity, SST. Davit’s Healthcare is owned and run by HCI, the largest for-profit health care organization in the United States. Sexton Healthcare Family is owned and operated by the largest not-for-profit Catholic health care organization, Ascension Health.

The government financial environment is evident when looking at San Antonio Military Health System. It is the major military level 1 trauma center in the Central Texas area that handles severe burn and trauma cases. While these three entities serve the same region, their financial structure is significantly different and caters to different populations in the area. Hospital Corporation of America (HCI) is the leading health care provider with 165 hospitals and 1 15 outpatient surgery centers in a number of states employing 204,000 people (HCI, n. . ). HCI estimates its facilities account for approximately “four to five percent of all inpatient care” within the United States (HCI n. D. ). SST. Davit’s Healthcare boasts the employment of 7. 900 employees and annual gross revenues of $3. 1 billion; It is the largest for-profit financial environment in the area and the fifth-largest private employer (SST Davis Healthcare, n. D. ). SST. Davit’s Healthcare works to generate profits; to do so, it minimizes the amount of charity care it provides.

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HCI, its board embers, and investors decide how said profit will be distributed within the company and/or sharing with employees through annual bonuses or profit sharing. As a for-profit organization, SST. Davit’s Healthcare facilities and operations are focused on bringing in substantial revenue and minimizing expenditures. The control of cost ensures a greater net income at the end of the year. Although METAL requires all health care facilities with designated F emergency departments to see patients presenting for care regardless their ability to pay, SST.

Davit’s minimizes the amount Of charity and India: care it provides. SST. Davit’s Healthcare facilities adhere to the METAL requirement but they discontinue treatment once the patient has been stabilized. If a patient enters for a minor complaint, the emergency atria team assesses the patient and determines whether the patient’s symptom are emergent and require immediate attention. If they do not meet the definition of emergency, the patient is discharged and instructed to fool.

Sexton Healthcare Family has been serving Central Texas for over one Hal years. The Daughters of Charity established and ran the Sexton Infirmary 1902 and have been part of the Austin community ever since (Sexton Healthcare Family, n. D. ). Previously the city of Austin had a county-run trauma hospital that was hemorrhaging revenue. Spending was out of control and a major of patients seen were uninsured. It was during this that the city leaders and Sexton Board of Trustees negotiated the future facility. Thus the only Level 1 Trauma Center in Central Texas was estate tit Sexton at the helm.

In 1999, the Daughters of Charity and SST. Joseph health system merged and created Ascension Health; it is now the large Catholic and non-profit health care system in the United States (Sexton Healthcare Family, n. D I). Because Sexton operates more than 20 hospital health care facilities across Central Texas and has a history with the erg is responsible for the care of over 1. 8 million residents annually (Sexton Healthcare Family, n. D I). Sexton Healthcare Family has a board of trusts makes decisions based on the needs of patients and what will be the m inefficient for the community.

As not-for-profit, most revenue is put b into the community through health fairs, outreach, community clinics, much more. In fiscal year 2009, Sexton provided 5249. 2 million in charity’ other government-sponsored care while SST. Davit’s reported $66. 5 mill the same year (Rose, 2011). Sexton Healthcare Family operates under IL mission that they are called by God to care for the sick, especially the and vulnerable. Following its mission, Sexton has a strong presence in the Central Texas area and its residents depend on their services.

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