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Not-for profit entities are facing similarities with governmental entities and for-profit entities because of the current changes considered to provide insurance to the uninsured. The Affordable Care Act will help individuals with receiving care however, the changes with reduce the et income based on the funding for Medicaid and Medicare (Classes, 2013). Each entity provides support to the community with providing quality services to the people. Officials work together with other entities with developing laws and regulations on providing care and services.

In addition, each entity provides education to the patients. Differences The difference between the groups is the increasing costs of medical care and economic slopes is causing facilities to convert or face a buy out from bigger medical practices or groups. “According to Classes (2013), she states, “The downward economic trend and related unemployment rates have significantly increased the cost of providing care to the poor and uninsured” (p. 38).

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Instead of the poor and uninsured receiving care at private entities, individuals are receiving care and prevention through governmental agencies and hospitals to cut the burden of out-of-pocket medical cost at the time of visit. The difference is people may decide to not participate in the changes of the Affordable Car Act, which will cause private entities to miss revenue, create medical facilities to fail with quality care and services. However, hospitals and governmental entities will increase in patient care with the lack f private practices participating with Medicaid and Medicare based insurances.

In addition, not-for-profit entities do not rely on government programs and can provide certain services through a tax-exemption. No The difference between the three entities is that for-profit entities require investors; not-for-profit work efficiently through the community and within self-regulations of charitable sources and religion. Governmental entities create programs to provide further support and guidance of prevention, self- help, and must keep a constricted record Of its expenditures. Expenditures must provide reasoning and purpose.

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