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Christians believe all mankind were destined for eternal life and through our own wrong doing and sin we have given this freedom back to God. This is told in the Bible through the story of Adam and Eve which is second only to the creation of the world in the order of the BibleIt is important for us also to understand that at one point it was widely believed that Adam and Eve were historical people and that a majority of people in the world never questioned there existence. However opinion on this matter has widely changed over time. Now beliefs of different branches of Christians fluctuate on this particular meaningful story in the Bible, liberalists would now tell you Adam and Eve were just a way of getting across a message and they never truly existed as factual people in history. They would however tell you that there is a strong and important message behind this for us all to reflect on.On the other hand fundamentalists would tell you Adam and Eve once walked this earth like you and me and they would also agree that there is a meaningful knowledge behind this for us all to look and take heed from.All Christians believe that Jesus was the Son of God, in Mark chapter one verse eleven a voice from heaven came and said, ‘ You are my own dear son, I am pleased with you’ As Jesus was the son of God and in fact partly God that made him perfect in all ways. Christians believe Jesus was sent down to earth by God to free us all from sin and extend Gods hand of love and forgiveness to us all. In Jesus God became human and felt all of the emotions, feelings and senses that go with it. When Jesus was among us imperfect human beings living his life on earth he was a totally divine and perfect. He was a complete icon for people who lived among him (although most did not know it) and all Christians today.As Jesus was a human Christians believe he suffered at the hands of evil and like us he doubted what was ahead for him after he had died. When Jesus’ death was imminent he went and prayed to god whilst he was in Gethsemane in Mark chapter fourteen verse thirty six, ‘ Father’ he prayed ‘ my Father! All things are possible for you. Take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet not what I want, but what you want’Christians believe Jesus died to save us all from eternal death and he opened the way back to God and everlasting life for us. This is the so-called doctrine belief of atonement by which we are once more at one with God. In Marks gospel these so called doctrines are revealed symbolically to us. A prominent example of this is when Jesus the holy saviour was condemned to crucifixion and Barabbus the guilty Lawbreaker and rebel was set free. Some scholars have interpreted the translation of the name Barabbus to mean ‘The guilty son of the father’ some think that this is referring to all mankind and that we in fact are all guilty sons of God. As Jesus died on the cross the vale of the temple was torn in two this symbolically tells us that Jesus died to open the way to God for us and that the high priests who tried to stop ‘normal’ people from reaching God had failed in their mission.Before Jesus died he told his disciples that the Son Of Man would conquer death and rise three days later. The followers found this hard to believe and I believe that Jesus himself had doubts about his own death and resurrection. This should be an example to us to be faithful to God and to show us that we will receive our rewards in heaven. If Jesus did not have doubts about his death then he wouldn’t have been human, as he was this shows us that if Jesus can conquer his fear so can we.Jesus was betrayed by his friend Judas and by the legal system in the time that he lived. If you look at the trial of Jesus you can see that many of the things that happened were illegal. When Jesus was arrested it was late at night and this in itself was illegal but he was also tried at night when he would have no time to prepare a defence and he would have been exhausted and confused from the day. None of the key witnesses agreed and so the trial should have been thrown out immediately but this was not the case. The judge asked Jesus questions, which were also forbidden at the time, and lastly Jesus was prosecuted on his own statements, which the Law stated could not happen.Even though Jesus died such a long time ago he still affects our lives today. Christians believe Jesus died so that we could all inherit eternal life. He suffered the worse fate possible for us and was totally innocent to his conviction.

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