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A miracle is an event that defies the laws of nature, for example gravity. It must be performed by a Deity and have some kind of meaning behind it. This is a definition of a miracle but Christians may believe something different. Christians agree that a miracle can defy the laws of nature and a Christian would think of this as substantial evidence that miracles and God exists. Although it would be hard it is possible to create and illusion of breaking laws of nature for example, if you saw a floating pen a Christian may think that it is a miracle but there could be some thin wire holding it up creating an illusion. A Deity is another word for God and when talking about miracles a miracle must be performed by a Deity.Although this is a good point there can be some unanswered questions as if we look at the place in France known as ‘Lourdes’ there have been many reporting’s of ‘healing miracles’ where people are miraculously healed from a terrible disease. There is no evidence to support that this has been performed by a Deity and so how can it be classed as a miracle. Also, some of the ‘Miraculous recoveries’ may be down to a doctor’s incorrect diagnosis. And we are told that Miracles have a Meaning but if we look in the Bible, when Jesus turned water into wine, there was no meaning behind that? A Christian may argue it was to show Jesus was all powerful like God. Overall, a Christian would say that a Miracle is an act of God; it defies any laws of nature and is something that nobody except God can comprehend and something that has an effect on humanity for the better.E) There is a lot of evidence to prove that there is a ‘God’I personally believe that no; there is not a lot of evidence to prove that God exists. If we look at the famous philosopher Rene Descartes, who said ‘I think therefore I am’ which means you doubt everything in order to figure out what you know with absolute certainty. Although you could be wrong about what you’re thinking, you were thinking it and therefore it exists. If we get rid of everything from what we think is true and what we know is true, how much do we really know? We do not know if God exists, people are brought up from a young age with parents that are religious and will teach the practice of their beliefs to their children and therefore we do not question what authority figures such as our parents tell us. What people deem as ‘evidence’ is questionable, for example in ‘Lourdes, France’ people claim to have been healed of diseases such as cancer and other things.This can be down to an incorrect diagnosis from a doctor. 1/8 Women will get cancer in their life and millions are tested every year, surely there will be mistakes when diagnosing for it. We can not see God, we can not prove God, and so is God really here at all? I can see myself? Others can see me? So I am here. A Christians believe that God is Omnipresent and is everywhere, if so why can I not see him? If he is Omnipotent why can he not stop War, pain, grief and other things we endure? If God is Omni benevolent why do people go to hell? All of the Christian beliefs on God are idealised on the ideal PERSON, we think of what we want, when we need it, when we’re cold we imagine wearing a jumper, when we are a child and are lonely we have imaginary friends, when we are suffering and there is nobody to help we imagine God, this all powerful being that is all loving, all knowing and can help you through your time of need.Christians can use the Cosmological argument that ‘What caused the big bang theory?’ and that everything has a cause but if we look at God, Christians believe that he is the only ‘Uncaused cause’ which contradicts the whole theory. If a Christian uses the Teleological argument that we are all designed and made unique by a creator. But this is contradicted by the question ‘Who created God then?’ it is also disproved by Charles Darwin’s work on the Galapagos islands where he saw that animals of the same species varied due to their living conditions and the challenges they faced in day to day life, this is a perfect example of evolution and how design can be natural.To conclude, what is evidence? Is it actual evidence or is it what others such as authority figures consider true, we should each come to our own view, just as Christians hold there’s (that there is substantial evidence for the existence of God). My own view is that we are a miracle in ourselves, a miracle of chance, creation and wonder, we should decide our own views and if God is comforting we should believe in it, but this quote manages to sum up nicely. ‘Question everything. Learn something. Answer nothing.’ If we are taught something, question it and leave no stone unturned.

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