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Math is one course that I enjoy learning a lot. I feel challenged every time I try to solve a math problem and I feel great being able to solve it the right way. I have been learning math from many years now and I have had many experiences, good and bad, some of which I would like to share. One of my greatest experiences in mathematics was in 12th grade when I had recently moved from New Jersey to Illinois. My dad’s shift in his job made us move to a suburb of Chicago- Palatine. I was afraid if I would be able to catch up with different teaching methods of high school.

On my first day at Palatine high school when I went to my Calculus class, the teacher was reviewing a chapter regarding derivatives and there was a quiz following it. My teacher wanted me to try and take the quiz to get used to the format of her tests and quizzes. Even though I did have some experience with derivatives in my old school, and I knew this quiz was not going to hurt my grades, I was afraid to take it without any sort of review. By the end of the class I finished my quiz on time and was praying for the best. The next day the teacher announced that I got a 95% in the quiz.

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The greatest thing that happened to me in this whole experience was that I got applauded by the teacher and the entire class of doing so well in a quiz that was taken without any review. Along with my good experiences in math, there were a couple of them not so great, the ones I wouldn’t want to remember. I was in my 11th grade pre-calculus class when my family decided we were going to India for three weeks to visit my grandparents. As much as I wanted to visit my country, I was afraid I would miss a lot of work at school. Despite of my fright, we went to India in December of 2006.

Including Christmas holidays, we were in India for almost three weeks which means I missed a whole week and a half of school work. When I came back I had a tough time in all of my courses including pre-calc. I was trying my best to catch up with my class. And on top of my trouble came the Midterm exams, right after a week of my arrival. I didn’t do very well in those exams however, I worked hard after that and finally got the grip of my course. It is hard to explain how afraid I was to give my exams knowing that I was not comfortable with all the chapters of pre-calc.

I still remember how I had a hard time figuring out topics like limits, combinations, permutations, etc. This was one experience of my math class that I can never forget. There are always ups and downs in a person’s life. If one can have good experience than he/she should not hesitate in facing a bad one too. Math is one course where experiences are very essential in order to learn better and do further progress in it. I am not afraid to have bad experiences with math; I just wish I can keep getting opportunities to learn from them.

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