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Ed Fan Interview Hi, my name is Ed Fan and I’m from China. I was born in Harbin, China, as the only child in my family, no sisters and brothers; Harbin gets really cold during the winter. I moved to the U. S. in 2003 and English would be my second language. When I left China, I wasn’t ready to leave behind all my families and friends, but during the five years in the U. S. I’ve gained new friends and met people from all over the world, it’s really interesting to get to know people with different religions and ideas. I have many hobbies; I love to play basketball, baseball, tennis and football, I like them because they are really competitive and also because they are team sports, you’ll have to be a team player to be able to play them, and I love to be part of a team. I also like swimming, it works your muscles and flexibility, and it’s competitive, too.

My favorite teams are the Boston Red Sox for baseball and the Seattle Seahawks for football. I have many goals and dreams, such as me going to University of Harvard, Yale, Duke, or maybe UCLA. This is because I love their education programs and want to learn from the best professors/teachers/students, and also because my entire family (both mom’s and dad’s side) wants me go there, in the end, I am the ONLY child in my family who came to the U.

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S. , and it sure would be nice to make my families to be proud of me and they can show off a little, too. I love to eat Chinese and American food, Chinese because it’s delicious and they look good, American because of the different tastes and they are prepared fast. I love to listen to Reggae and country music, they have to beat and they actually have some meaning in them, from my point of view that is.

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