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Between 1450 and 1750 C. E. . Europeans entered Latin America and created new political constructions. increased trade. and brought their faith. This happened because the Spanish conquered the Aztecs and Incas. while Portugal took over what is now Brazil. Hernando Cortes conquered the Aztecs while Francisco Pizzarro conquered the Incas. The Aztecs and Incas were two great Native American civilisations. In Latin America. bondage remained unchanged. These countries that the Spanish and Lusitanian conquered subsequently developed into their ain autonomous provinces.

In 1494. the Treaty of Todesillas split the New World in two when Pope Alexander VI drew the Line of Demarcation. Spain received the bulk of the land while Portugal received modern twenty-four hours Brazil. While Spain constructed a monolithic armed forces. Portugal established many colonies on the east seashore. In 1519. Hernan Cortes conquered the Aztecs by killing Montezuma. the Aztec emperor. In 1532. Francisco Pizzaro conquered the Incas by killing Atahualpa. the Inca emperor.

The Incas had such extremely centralised authorities that they could non run without an imperium. Because of guns. sources. and steel. Spanish conquistadors were able to suppress the Aztec and Inca imperiums. The Spanish besides had an advantage in military engineering. holding steel blades. Fe mail. and Equus caballuss. Without domesticated animate beings. such as hogs and cattles. the Aztecs and Incas had now unsusceptibility to European diseases such as variola. typhus. and grippe. which killed about 95 % of the autochthonal population of Latin America.

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In 1549. the first Jesuit missionaries arrived in Brazil to distribute Catholicism. In the late 1500’s. there were no longer Native American slaves because of the big lessening in their population due to European diseases. Some Native American folks forced there slaves to undergo human forfeit. such as the Aztecs. There were now Black African slaves. While this was go oning. the Lusitanian switched from set uping merchandising stations to constructing an extended colonisation. 240. 000 Europeans entered Latin America in the sixteenth century.

They imported 1000000s of slaves to run their plantations. The Portuguese and Spanish royal authoritiess expected to govern these colonies ; roll up 20 % of all the hoarded wealth found. and revenue enhancement every bit much as they could acquire away with. Silver shortly became 20 % of Spain’s entire budget. During the terminal of the colonial period. it was really common for the Native Americans to blend with the Europeans. The progeny were called “Mestizos” . which are people of assorted lineage. They formed bulks in many settlements.

In the late sixteenth century. Peru participated in the Manila Galleon Trade. This was a trade where China gave Mexico porcelain. silk. tusk. spices and myriad other alien goods in exchange for New World Ag. Potosi. Peru became the fifth most populated metropolis in the universe by 1620 because of Ag production. However. in the mid-17th century. Ag production declined. but the decimated autochthonal population in the cardinal Andean part increasingly begins to stabilise and free-wage labour replaces required labour in the excavation parts.

The most important continuity for the European colony in Latin America was bondage. Bondage did nevertheless alteration from Native American slaves to Blacken African slaves. but the construct of bondage remained the same. The cardinal alterations were new political constructions. increased trade. and Europeans brought over their faith. The Spanish and Lusitanian royal authoritiess conquered Latin America.

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