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“You can choose your friends, but your family is chosen for you. ” When we think of our family and our friends there are considerable differences between the two. Our friends are the people we complain to about our family and our family are the people we complain to about our friends; yet we are able to choose our friends and not our family. When I was younger the friendships that I had were influenced by my mother. As a child it was easier to get along with others, it was easier to make friends.Now that I am older making friends is harder, you have to think about how first impressions, interests and hobbies reflect yourself as a person. If people see something that they like, then there’s a beginning to friendship; however when you are looked over and judged you have lost the opportunity for the start of a new friendship. I don’t really have any close friends, either I’m not a very nice person or I’m just not in the right place to make friends. Our friends reflect who we are because in a way they are an extension of who we are or what we are like.A true friend is respectful, honest, caring and in general a good person. I think I can undoubtedly say that everybody is looking for a friend who has all the qualities and I suppose it’s through high school that we learn what to look for to find these people. My family has always been there for me, although family usually stays with you forever. Our families help shape our identity, starting at birth. Through our families we are introduced to different to people with different interests and personalities and it’s because of this that our horizons stretch and we don’t confine ourselves to a certain personalities.I am very much like my mother; we have very similar ideas and habits. Most of my decisions and choices have been under my mother’s influence, it is only now that I’m really able to make a decision or choice and fully understand the consequences; good and bad. My family has helped me become who I am, I have taken on many different personalities and come out with one identity which is still being defined. My family and my friends both define part of my identity; they have defined my beliefs and actions. My family help give me a foundation for my identity while my friends really helped me define my outlook.

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