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C.S. Lewis had one of the most intriguing relationships with God. There are those who relegate their religion to some denomination or to a particular experience in time. Lewis, however, did not do so. Traveling through time as a lone sailor on a contextual sea gave him an appreciation for the troubles of life. After youth had passed him by and discovering that it was so, he happened(?) to meet a woman whose name was appropriately “Joy.” Imagine what it was like to be in your 60’s and just now experiencing what love could bring into a life. Lewis knew God in a very practical way.To say that he was angry with God when his wife died would be an understatement. But to say he renounced his faith because of it would be an outright fabrication. Lewis discovered something about himself he had to this point not realized: he truly had a relationship with God. One that would let him argue, be angry, question incessantly, and expect a reciprocal experience. Not many people are brave enough to do this. Lewis learned that his life was not based on the principles of right and wrong, but on the principles of life and death. Death taught Lewis what he needed to know about life. In a moment when his heart was failing him he fell into a coma, which some would say, gave him an eye to eye encounter with God. Lewis said, “It would have been a luxuriously easy passage and one almost regrets having the door shut in one’s face. To be brought back to life and have all one’s dying to do again was rather hard.” I believe it was at this point Lewis understood he had something not many people had; a true heart to heart relationship with God.

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