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University Of Washington is one of the best ranking pharmacy schools in term of research, and within their program, they have a lot of dual program such as Pharm.D/PhD, and the recently added Pharm.D/PA program. Numerous renowned research programs are operated within the department of pharmaceutical study. This has consistently shown the strong commitment of the school to the education of pharmacy. With such a strong commitment to education, I am sure the school is not just looking for an average pharmacist to fill in the need. The school is probably looking for leadership and someone who looking for opportunities.With an innate passion for improving this sector of the economy with skills and credible knowledge, I believe the school has the required environment that encourages such great career objective. My commitment to excellence would be fostered by the degree of work exposure, and the well-scheduled comprehensive training available at the institution.Besides, I believe strongly that more than ever before the industry is looking for skillful and highly diversified individuals who can take the lead and the necessary initiative wherever they find themselves. I am ready to learn as much as I can and seize every available opportunity to prepare for the challnges of the future.I am applying to this university because its core values of promoting excellence and leadership are consistent with my career objective of leading the major innovations that would spur the industry to greater achievements. No doubt about it, I am poised to cope with the level of work and schedule, plan my time appropriately and excel.I am aware that to establish and foster successful patient relationships, a pharmacist must not only exercise sound professional judgment but also demonstrate personal attributes such as integrity, responsibility, initiative, leadership, respect and compassion for others. In this regard, I have written this to detail my personal attributes consistent with these positive life principles.I had read somewhere there is a saying “I believed in human touch…” I had been working in the retail pharmacy (CVS) for 6 years as a pharmacy technician. In this capacity, I interacted with a lot of people of various backgrounds: this experience afforded me the opportunity to improve on my communication and human relation skills. The length of time I spent there really contributed to this persona; improvement I experienced.I had formed my own theory about people. If you are taking care of the patients as your own family, in return, they will treat you as one of their own. I had an example about when I work at another pharmacy store to help out. During the time I worked, there was a patient who was very demanding; had called in to order her medications. The pharmacy staff was reluctant to deal with her because they knew she was very difficult to deal withy from their previous experiences. Being new to the store, the pharmacy technician staff had me handle her case. The patient was very surprised about me since I was new there. After I took care of her, she was asking where is my original store so she could have all of her medication transferred there. It took about almost one hour of driving for her to get to my store and the patient had been with us for more than four years now. Beside that patient, I had numerous patients, who only want to deal with me because I know what they want and they know exactly what to expect when dealing with me.In my six years of experiences, I have many testimonies. Patients are a reflection of who you are, they are humans like us and so if you treat them well, they will come back and see you more. Nothing is more satisfying to treat people as you would be treated in return.Besides, I handled a number of leadership roles where I worked that tested my integrity, commitment to excellence and dedication to service. I have discovered that integrity guarantees good reputation, and sustains it. This is particularly more useful in the pharmacist-patient relationship. I enjoyed the attention and patronage of patients who simply trust that they would be given the right thing, and they are not disappointed at end of the day. They come back with gifts, and hearts full of appreciation for an excellent human service and product delivery. And this has brought me a lot of joy.

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