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I have two close boy friends whose names are as same as Yuan. All of them knew each other when they were children, so they shared a lot of similar characteristics. Certainly, I have also seen three main important traits in which they are similar : appearance, hobby and personality. The first similarity is their appearance. Both are very handsome and own a good looking body. One is a “hot boy” of physical class, he’s also called “ husband of every girl”. Like him, the other one is also a cute boy, he owns a baby face, people usually call him with a cute nickname “ winter prince”.Another similarity between them is their hobby. One likes English music, shopping and going out with friends, if having unhappy problems, he usually goes fishing to relax. The other one also has these hobbies, he likes going out with friends in the evening. Whenever entering to his room, you can enjoy music during the time you’re there. Additional, he also likes shopping whenever he has free time. Finally, personality is the most important similarity between them that I’ve realized. Both of them are very active, romantic and friendly.It’s very easy for everyone to talk with them about every thing. They are also active, every activity of class of group they are willing to take park in. In addition, each of them is romantic person. They usually write poems for their girlfriends to keep a sweet love. In fact, they have a lot of similarities that everyone could realize easily but their appearance, hobby and personality are three main similarities. No matter what happens, they are always my close friends and I hope that our friendship is always smooth and never die.

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