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Walden is about one man’s attempt to find the principles by which to live a proper life. Thoreau lived his life in such a way that he found no room for finding out too late what he’s missing.Thoreau’s American life was awe-inspiring. It makes us want to experience the same life he had. Many of us look at life like over reactions of events and outside forces. Our purpose of living has become a survival. Americans, or practically everyone, today work themselves like there’s no tomorrow. We slave ourselves so we can feed our family and provide them shelter and send our kids to good school. Forgetting to stop and smell the roses and really enjoy life just like Thoreau.Our culture places too much emphasis on the financial aspect of getting a living. In so doing, we have turned our school into producing people specialized in many fields. We then agree to spend the greater part of our lives trading these skills for money. If our greatest reward is the money, skilled as we may be we are still just spit-turning dogs. And that’s the polite metaphor.Reading Walden will make us realize what really is important in this life. As we spend too much time becoming experts in our fields, it is also important to stop and think what we really do wanted. It is such a waste if we continue to become too engrossed with the present and forget that there is a thing called tomorrow before us.Living deliberately won’t necessarily make you rich in the traditional sense because it aims at a more valuable reward. As Emerson said in his eulogy to Thoreau: “He chose to be rich by making his wants few, and supplying them himself.”Source:Richard Lenat. Walden by Henry Thoreau – 1854. 1999.

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