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Thinking about the content and the delivery of my speech, I have to mention that it was extremely hard to give enough information on my topic with such a short timeframe. I do not believe that there were enough explanations in my presentation, especially on the first slide, since my audience has no legal background. To compensate, I supposed during my preparation that I would give more detailed explanations in the Q&A portion of the presentation.  When the time came, I was very confused when the audience asked no questions.Nevertheless, I can’t say that I used the presentation time 100% effectively, because my delivery contained a lot of pauses and thinking sounds such as “uh” or “um”. Moreover, I did not like my use of repeated phrases in my speech such as “and so on and so forth”. I have to pay attention and watch for that phrase next time. I had another unpleasant surprise upon reviewing my presentation. I had no idea that my pronunciation was so terrible. I am going to focus my attention on that area for improvement before my next presentation. I hope that you can give me some suggestions.Unfortunately, I also found my usual grammatical errors in my performance. I have no idea how to tackle them. Nevertheless, not everything was bad. I liked my pace of delivery and my body language.  My body language was mostly appropriate although my motions and gestures look very nervous, especially at the beginning of the speech. I did not feel very comfortable in front of my group, but it was better than I expected. Visual materials and additional handouts were useful for both myself and my audience. I believe I succeeded in making my topic more pictorial.

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