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Misunderstandings the aged possess with their grandchildren and other younger people can best be explained by the fair amount of changes which occurred in social life during the last fifty years. Modern music sounds much too loud and cacophonic to the elderly, youth movements seem to be senseless and dangerous, their thoughts and speech are seen as appalling, and their feelings appear to be false and strange. In the same time the youth neglects the values and principles of the older people. And for me the reason is seen with the half an eye. It is that their growing up and forming of their system of moral and social values occurred in the most different societies.The item that causes the great number of conflicts is clothing. When a 70 year old woman notices her granddaughter departing to school wearing torn jeans, top and huge earrings she usually wonders why they allow to dress like this at school nowadays. This outfit seems mannish and unsuitable to her, as at the times of her adolescence girls wore skirts, blouses, dresses and a much smaller amount of makeup.Modern dating patterns also discontent the aged. At their times romantic love was prevailing over the physical attraction, so the relationship developed much slower than the contemporary ones. The young people were more modest and constrained so the public displays of affection were rare. Pre-marriage sex was strongly disapproved by the society, so the amount of sexually active teens was rather small. Today juvenile start dating earlier than their grandparents did and their relations are often more close, because they can talk about their feelings and problems more frankly. Sexual relationship is also not a taboo for a great part of them.Today most teenagers start driving at the age of sixteen and some of them own a car, whether given by parents or bought for the money earned. In forties rare boy possessed a car before entering college, as it was much harder to find a suitable part-time job to earn it. The number of women who had the driving license was little.Older people often complain that their grandchildren are less religious than they were at their age. This is true, as it is prominent that today the church makes smaller impact on the everyday life than it did in the 1940’s. The variety of religious organization is great and each of them states that their faith is the only way to reach the heaven. That’s why a lot of young people choose to stay out of churches and cults at these days. And that’s not always good, as they don’t get that spiritual guidance their grandparents were given early in life.What nowadays makes a considerable impact on the teenager’s opinion is what his/her friends say or do. Fifty years ago the parental influence was stronger because the children were more materially and morally dependent on them. At these days striplings presume that their parents and grandparents live in the world totally different from theirs, that’s why they are unable to provide any valuable advice. Grandparents often feel aggrieved because of this, as they feel their grandchildren do not value their life experience.As we can see the generation gap problem has a very serious background. Moral and social values, which are different for the youth and the aged, often cause serious misunderstandings and conflicts. To solve them, both grandparents and their grandchildren should acknowledge that it’s useless to try to change each other. Unconditional love and understanding is the key to the good relationship between them.

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