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This paper tends to explain the history of the Augustan period as well as to explain the contributions made during this era. This paper’s main goal is to depict the major events that have occurred during the reign of Augustus Caesar which marked the life and history of the Augustan age.In order to do this, this paper tends to give summarized facts on the history and literature contributions of those intellectuals during this period. This topic is important for the present Greek people as well as the people all over the world to know how the literature bloomed, how it started, and how the ancient Greeks tend to be influenced by literature works.Augustan AgeThe 18th century or Augustan Age was grounded by traditional literatures, they use the literature works in order to express their opposition against the classicism which is basically called the movement of neo-classicism. In this period, the reign of newly formatted literatures occurred such as novels, pamphlets, and even journal papers which really aim to oppose. The themes and tittles of these said literatures were directly pertaining to the moral and social issues during that period in order to protect the individuals and to express their point of views regarding how a certain person should act morally (McPhee, 2003).Augustan Age LiteraturesThe Augustan Age literatures were commonly formed with imitation and parody which explains that imitation is the adaptation of the ancient Greek’s literature as well as translating it into the modern form. An example of the neo-classicism literature made on this period is the adaptation of the Homer’s Iliad, which was then given the title The Iliad of Homer, which was published during the reign of Augustus (McPhee, 2003).There are other new forms developed during the Augustan period such as the political pamphlets and also journals which were written differently from the traditional ways of the ancient literature. In addition, the news paper writing and magazines bloomed as another way of expressing views and emotions regarding the politics during this said era (McPhee, 2003).Two of the greatest and most influential journalists during this period were Addison and Steele.  Addison contributed much in terms of shaping the moral lives of those individuals during his time as much as imposing them that he has the means to be a guard-like giving protection to the society. He made to many articles about the middle class during this era and wrote to many important matters over them to be emphasized and be given attention of. Steele on the other hand wrote the Tatler in order to emphasize the needs of reform regarding with the moral state of the place during the Augustan Age. He tried to impose the said reform by means of genial methods (McPhee, 2003).In this period, letter writing was also encouraged in order to make the literatures into reality. The said letters were being publicized which were given social commentaries. This said activity on literature works were also adapted in novels in order to show the readers that the literatures were based from the sense of reality (McPhee, 2003).In generalization, the Augustan Age or Augustan period which started from the reign of Augustus Caesar was directly influenced by the political, social, as well as moral aspect of the society during that time. In order for the people to express their thoughts and views regarding the sensitive matter, they used the literature which they adapted into a modern way in order to deliver their ideas and thoughts. In addition, the adaptation of traditional literatures into a modern literature during this time is made in order to criticize or give emphasis to those important social issues such as morality in order to bring individuals into realizing the wrong actions they made.

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