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The Sufi rock and Taxi music shows the softer side of men clearly.  This can be easily heard through the lyrics of songs, streaming rhymes of guitar sounds and backdrop band playing to the tune of the young and avid at heart.The love to listen to rhythmic sounds has been inculcated by mothers unconsciously to their children even when they were yet fetuses in the womb.  The humming and singing of lullabies continues and persist even after birth to see children to bed.  Family gatherings are sometimes venues for children to sing their favorite songs to the avid patrons, father, mother, uncles’, aunts, and grannies.  These are solid evidences that reaching out through music is one very efficient and effective means employed by whomever whishes to touch a soul, for even the most beautiful bird in the world with the most beautiful plumage can not be appreciated even by an innocent child if its sounds are those of the squawks squawk.While tones of music may vary from culture to culture, stereotyping (Lustig & Koester 1996) the art, sometimes it is not who sings the song or from what culture is it done, but it is the melody and the message that counts.  For example, lately, older women developed the art of ballroom dancing. One of the latest craze is belly dancing which is in reality a revival of Muslim family entertainment dance.  This is very much to the tune of mostly Muslim associated music.  Another typical Muslim music is the style with permeating drumbeating background adopted from the Africans (Lustig & Koester 1996). This influenced the mainstream rock and soft rock music nowadays.The Pakistani music cuts through the barriers and obstacles of cultural competence bringing about mixing, melting and connections of people from different places, from different walks of life.  It radiates the message of transcendence among men and women after all, those British colonizers’ influences on Pakistani culture (Perry 1989).

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